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Frequently Asked Questions

I opened a case, where is my skin? uses a balance system instead of an onsite inventory, the skin you won has been converted into balance that can be used to withdraw items from our onsite store.

I just deposited with steam and haven’t gotten my onsite balance?

Deposits can take up to a few minutes to register-based off how long steam takes, if you are on trade hold or do not have Mobile Authenticator setup on your smartphone for over 15 days your deposits will not come through and must be canceled until you have Mobile Authenticator setup on your smartphone for over 15 days.

I just deposited with a Crypto Currency and haven’t gotten my onsite balance?

We use fireblocks for cryptocurrency deposits which require multiple blockchain confirmations before a deposit can be credited, depending on the currency this can take from a few minutes to a few hours. If you exited from payment page before funds confirmed at there and didn't get any balance, you should contact with us via providing proofs.

The screen froze/disconnected mid-spin.

Our provably fair system determines what item will be pulled from a case as the animation starts, even if you leave the site or lose connection you will still be credited.

I cannot redeem my free cases.

You must join our Discord and connect your account. If you want to open level 5 case for free, you must complete KYC.

All games on have a built in house edge similar to any platform. Below you can find the house edge for each game.

Battles: 10% House Edge due to cases being used.
Roulette: 6.67% House Edge.
Upgrader: 7.3% House Edge.
Mines: 7% House Edge.
Plinko: 7.2% House Edge.
Dice: 6.5% House Edge.
Cases: 10% House Edge built into item pricing.
Jackpot: 7.5% House Edge.
Bomb Rush: 10% House Edge.
Predictions: questions.6.edge.predictions
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