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Welcome to, your premier destination for CSGO Unboxing.

Our Story

Established by Hobbes, a seasoned CSGO gamer, was born from the vision to create a transparent, responsible and thrilling CSGO unboxing platform.

Our Philosophy

At, we believe in the power of fair play. We aim to offer a unique, exciting and above all, secure unboxing environment that caters to the worldwide CSGO community.

Our Team

Our administrative team, Sh3fas and Deviation, work tirelessly to maintain the integrity and functionality of our platform, while our SEO Manager, Gabriele Asaro, ensures we remain a leading name in the CSGO unboxing community.

Our Commitment

We strive to continually enhance the CSGO unboxing experience, offering an exciting and secure platform for all our users.

The Premier CSGO Gambling and case battle site. is owned and operated by Rust Clash Entertainment Ltd located at

Thermistokli Dervi, 48, 3rd Floor, Office 306, 1065, Nicosia, Cyprus

[email protected]

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