Shortdust smokes in CS2 (CSGO)


Mastering Shortdust smokes in the fps game Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) from Valve is essential for dominating the map. This guide provides all the necessary smoke lineups for Shortdust. It is a resource for improving defensive and offensive gameplay with smokes in Shortdust.

All CS2 Shortdust smokes

Smoke Description
A-Site Smoke from T-Spawn Obscures vision to A-site from T-spawn, ideal for early push
B-Site Smoke from Mid Blocks view from B-site to mid, allows safer entry
CT-Spawn Smoke from Upper Tunnels Shields T's advance from CT view, crucial for B-site take
Mid Doors Smoke from T-Spawn Blurs CTs' sightline from mid, enabling mid control
Catwalk Smoke from Lower Tunnels Hides T's movement on catwalk, perfect for surprise attacks
Window Smoke from Upper Tunnels Covers window view to B-site, aids in bomb planting
B-Doors Smoke from Tunnels Prevents CTs from seeing through B-doors, securing site
A-Long Smoke from A-Short Limits CTs' visibility on A-long, useful for retakes

Best smokes lineups in Shortdust

Top CS2 smokes in Shortdust:

  • A-Site Smoke from T-Spawn: This smoke strategy obscures vision to A-site from T-spawn, a pivotal move for teams planning an early push. It's a game-changer in gaining early site control.
  • B-Site Smoke from Mid: Designed to block the view from B-site to mid, this smoke allows for a safer entry for the attacking team, crucial during mid-control strategies.
  • CT-Spawn Smoke from Upper Tunnels: By shielding the terrorists' (T's) advance from the counter-terrorists' (CT's) view, this smoke is essential for a successful B-site takeover.
  • Mid Doors Smoke from T-Spawn: Blurs the CTs' line of sight from mid, granting the T's significant control over the middle area, a strategic advantage for the team.
  • Catwalk Smoke from Lower Tunnels: Obscuring T's movement on the catwalk, this smoke setup is perfect for surprise attacks and gaining positional advantage.

Gabriele from shared a first-hand insight, saying, "The window smoke from Upper Tunnels is a game-changer. It covers the window view to B-site, aiding significantly in bomb planting and site control. This tactic often catches opponents off-guard, creating opportunities for a successful round."

Should you know how to smoke in Shortdust?

Yes, you should know how to smoke in Shortdust as it is crucial for strategic positioning and gaining an advantage in CS2.

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