Inferno grenades in CS2 (CS:GO)


Inferno grenades in CS2 (CS:GO)

Mastering Inferno grenades in the fps game Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) from Valve is essential for dominating the map. This guide provides all the necessary grenade lineups for Inferno. It is a resource for improving defensive and offensive gameplay with grenades in Inferno.

All CS2 Inferno grenades

Grenade Full video reference
B Default Grenade from CT
CT Grenade from B Site
CT Grenade from Car
1st Oranges Grenade from Car
B Entrance Grenade from Banana 1
B Entrance Grenade from Banana 2
Sandbags Grenade from Banana 1
Sandbags Grenade from Banana 2
Car Grenade from B Site
Banana Grenade from B Entrance 1
Banana Grenade from B Entrance 2
A Default Grenade from Long
Inferno grenades image

Best grenades lineups in Inferno

Top 10 CS2 grenades in Inferno:

  1. B Default Grenade from CT: Essential for retaking or defending the B site, creating a safer environment for CTs to maneuver.

  2. CT Grenade from B Site: A pivotal throw that can halt or slow down a CT push, buying precious seconds for rotations.

  3. CT Grenade from Car: This lineup is great for early-round aggression, keeping terrorists at bay or damaging early pushes.

  4. 1st Oranges Grenade from Car: Ideal for flushing out players hiding at oranges, a common and strong defensive spot.

  5. B Entrance Grenade from Banana 1: A critical throw for taking control of banana, allowing for safer entry or retake scenarios.

  6. Sandbags Grenade from Banana 1: This lineup disrupts players hiding at sandbags, a key control point for banana.

  7. Car Grenade from B Site: Forces opponents away from the car position, a common spot for ambushes or to control banana.

  8. Banana Grenade from B Entrance 1: Excellent for pushing back aggressors and regaining control or delaying pushes in banana.

  9. A Default Grenade from Long: Crucial for dislodging defenders from the default plant area, making A site retakes or defenses more manageable.

  10. Sandbags Grenade from Banana 2: An alternative lineup to control sandbags, providing versatility in your banana control strategy.

Gabriele from emphasized the importance of these lineups, stating that knowledge and practice of these grenade spots have been pivotal in turning the tides of many matches. His experience underlines that even a single well-placed grenade can significantly impact the outcome of a round, making these lineups not just strategies but necessities for competitive play.

Should you know how to use grenades in Inferno?

Yes, you should know how to use grenades in Inferno as it significantly enhances strategic play, controls key map areas, and improves team success.

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