Ancient grenades in CS2 (CS:GO)


Ancient grenades in CS2 (CS:GO)

Mastering Ancient grenades in the fps game Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) from Valve is essential for dominating the map. This guide provides all the necessary grenade lineups for Ancient. It is a resource for improving defensive and offensive gameplay with grenades in Ancient.

All CS2 Ancient grenades

Grenade Full video reference
Highway Grenade from Short
T Lower Grenade from B Site
Back Wood Grenade from Pillar
T Lower Grenade from Back Alley
Ramp Boost Grenade from Close Rightside
T Lower Wall Grenade from B Site 1
T Lower Wall Grenade from B Site 2
Ramp Boost Grenade from B Site
Preemptive Site Entry Grenades No video available
Retake Coordination Grenades No video available
Ancient grenades image

Best grenades lineups in Ancient

Top 10 CS2 grenades in Ancient:

  1. Highway Grenade from Short: Essential for pushing or stalling enemy advances through the middle area. It creates crucial space for your team.

  2. T Lower Grenade from B Site: Perfect for disrupting enemy positions in the lower tunnel, making it safer to hold or retake B Site.

  3. Back Wood Grenade from Pillar: Targets enemies hiding behind the wooden cover near the B Site, flushing them out into the open.

  4. T Lower Grenade from Back Alley: This lineup allows for unexpected attacks on enemies positioned in the lower tunnel, catching them off-guard from an alternative angle.

  5. Ramp Boost Grenade from Close Rightside: An innovative way to clear boosted positions on the ramp, preventing enemies from gaining a height advantage.

  6. T Lower Wall Grenade from B Site 1: Essential for players holding B Site, it ensures enemies cannot push through the lower tunnel without facing resistance.

  7. T Lower Wall Grenade from B Site 2: Similar to the first variant but from a different angle, offering versatility in defense strategies.

  8. Ramp Boost Grenade from B Site: Clears common boost spots, making it risky for opponents to use elevation to their advantage on B Site approaches.

  9. Preemptive Site Entry Grenades: Before executing site takes, launching grenades into common hiding spots can dislodge enemies, making entries smoother.

  10. Retake Coordination Grenades: When retaking a site, synchronizing grenade throws with teammates can create openings or force enemies into unfavorable positions.

Gabriele from emphasized the importance of practice for mastering these lineups. "It's one thing to know the lineup," he said, "but executing it under pressure is what really counts. Regular practice sessions have been key to our team's success on Ancient."

Should you know how to use grenades in Ancient?

Yes, you should know how to use grenades in Ancient as it significantly enhances your strategic play and team success.

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