Locked & Loaded: The Complete Guide to CS:GO Weapons


Locked & Loaded: The Complete Guide to CS:GO Weapons

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, fondly called CS:GO, is a hallmark in the esports arena. CS:GO is not just a game of strategy but also of weapon mastery. The rich assortment of weapons in CS:GO underpins both the game's depth and its competitive dynamics. Each weapon category has a pivotal role, catering to different playstyles and tactical needs. Selecting just the right weapon at just the right time can be the difference of a major win or crashing and burning in the game.

In this article, we are going to cover weapons in detail. You’ll also find links to each weapon for even more detail and tips for usage, plus ways to find the best CS:GO skins.

CS:GO Weapon Categories

Pistols are the initial choice in many rounds due to their affordability. Although less powerful than primary weapons, skilled players can exploit their mobility and quick handling for close-quarter surprises. The likes of the Desert Eagle even allow for one-shot eliminations with precise aim.

The rifles category comprises the backbone of a team's firepower. The AK-47 for terrorists and the M4A4/M4A1-S for counter-terrorists are iconic, renowned for their damage and range. However, mastering their recoil patterns is essential for consistent performance.

Submachine Guns (SMGs), while less potent than rifles, are valued for their high fire rates and movement speed. They are commonly used in 'anti-eco' rounds, where the opposing team is expected to have limited armor or weaponry.

Sniper rifles, especially the AWP, can be game-changers. The ability to eliminate an opponent with a single shot makes them lethal, but they demand a high level of precision and awareness.

Lastly, shotguns and machine guns are niche categories. Shotguns, potent in close quarters, can be devastating in chokepoints. Machine guns, on the other hand, though less commonly seen, can provide suppressing fire and hold back rushes.

Understanding the importance of each weapon category in CS:GO is crucial. Teams must deploy a balanced arsenal, considering their strategy, the map, and their opponents' potential decisions. It's this intricate dance of choices, skills, and tactics that keeps CS:GO ever-engaging for players and fans alike.

Now that you have the basics, let’s dive into each category a bit further. Below is a list of each weapon, sorted by category and what they offer to CS:GO players. While the stock CS:GO weapons are cool, there is a vast amount of weapon skins available to dress up your game.

CS:GO Pistols

Glock-18: The standard pistol for the Terrorist team. It's a semi-automatic with a relatively low damage output but has a high rate of fire.

P2000: The standard pistol for the Counter-Terrorist team. It offers higher damage than the Glock but at the cost of a lower rate of fire.

USP-S: An alternative to the P2000 for the CT team. It's equipped with a silencer and offers improved accuracy but lower damage.

P250: A compact semi-automatic pistol that offers a good balance between power, accuracy, and price.

Desert Eagle: A powerful hand cannon capable of killing enemies with a single headshot but has a high recoil.

Dual Berettas: These provide twice the fire rate at a low cost but suffer from lower accuracy and power.

Five-SeveN: Exclusive to the CT team, this pistol offers high damage and armor penetration but at a higher price.

Tec-9: Exclusive to the T team, it's similar to the Five-SeveN in terms of price and damage but is less accurate.

Submachine Guns:

MP9: A fast-firing SMG exclusive to the CT team, offering high mobility but low damage.

MAC-10: A cheap, fast-firing SMG exclusive to the T team, similar to the MP9.

MP7: A more expensive SMG that offers better damage and accuracy than the MP9 and MAC-10.

UMP-45: A mid-range SMG offering a good balance between power and price.

PP-Bizon: An SMG with the largest magazine size in the game, great for suppressing enemies but has low damage output.

P90: A high-end SMG with a large magazine size and high rate of fire, but at a higher price.


Galil AR: The cheapest rifle available to the T team, offering a good rate of fire and decent accuracy.

FAMAS: The CT equivalent of the Galil, offering a burst-fire mode for improved accuracy.

AK-47: The standard rifle for the T team, offering high damage and accuracy but has significant recoil.

M4A4: The standard rifle for the CT team, offering balanced power, accuracy, and recoil.

M4A1-S: An alternative to the M4A4, equipped with a silencer for reduced noise and muzzle flash.

SSG 08: A cheap sniper rifle offering high mobility and a powerful scope but low damage.

AWP: A high-end sniper rifle offering very high damage and accuracy but at a high cost.

G3SG1: A semi-automatic sniper rifle exclusive to the T team, offering high damage and a powerful scope.

SCAR-20: The CT equivalent of the G3SG1.

Machine Guns

Nova: A pump-action shotgun offering high close-range damage.

XM1014: A semi-automatic shotgun with a high rate of fire but lower damage per shot than the Nova.

Sawed-Off: A shotgun exclusive to the T team, offering high close-range damage but poor long-range accuracy.

MAG-7: The CT equivalent of the Sawed-Off, with similar characteristics.

Negev: A heavy machine gun with a very high rate of fire and large magazine size, but with significant recoil.

M249: A less extreme heavy machine gun, offering a better balance between power, accuracy, and recoil.

Glock-18Medium ammo capacity, semi-autoShort to mediumLow damage, good for early rounds
P2000Medium ammo capacity, semi-autoShort to mediumModerate damage, better than Glock at range
USP-SMedium ammo capacity, semi-auto, silencedShort to mediumSimilar to P2000, silenced
P250Medium ammo capacity, semi-autoShort to mediumGood balance of power and accuracy
Desert EagleLow ammo capacity, semi-autoShort to longHigh damage, capable of one-shot kills, high recoil
Dual BerettasHigh ammo capacity, semi-autoShortLow damage, good for close-quarters combat
Five-SeveNMedium ammo capacity, semi-autoShort to mediumHigh damage, good armor penetration
Tec-9High ammo capacity, semi-autoShort to mediumHigh fire rate, good for close combat
MP9/MAC-10High ammo capacity, full-autoShortLow damage, high fire rate, good for close-quarters
MP7High ammo capacity, full-autoShort to mediumBalanced power, accuracy, and price
UMP-45Medium ammo capacity, full-autoShort to mediumGood power, fair accuracy, medium price
PP-BizonVery high ammo capacity, full-autoShortLow damage, good for suppressing fire
P90High ammo capacity, full-autoShort to mediumHigh fire rate, good for close to medium engagements
Galil AR/FAMASMedium ammo capacity, full-autoMedium to longBalanced power and accuracy, good for mid-range combat
AK-47/M4A4Medium ammo capacity, full-autoMedium to longHigh damage, good accuracy, best for mid to long-range combat
M4A1-SMedium ammo capacity, full-auto, silencedMedium to longSimilar to M4A4, but silenced
SSG 08Low ammo capacity, bolt-actionLongModerate damage, high mobility, good for long-range
AWPLow ammo capacity, bolt-actionLongVery high damage, capable of one-shot kills, best for long-range
G3SG1/SCAR-20Medium ammo capacity, semi-autoLongHigh damage, semi-auto, good for long-range
NovaLow ammo capacity, pump-actionShortHigh damage, good for close-quarters combat
XM1014Medium ammo capacity, semi-autoShortModerate damage, high fire rate, good for close-quarters
Sawed-Off/MAG-7Low ammo capacity, pump-actionShortHigh damage, good for close-quarters combat
NegevVery high ammo capacity, full-autoMediumHigh fire rate, good for suppressing fire, high recoil
M249Very high ammo capacity, full-autoMedium to longBalanced power and accuracy, good for suppressive fire

CS:GO Weapons Tips & Tricks

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is a wildly popular game that attracts players from around the world. To be competitive, understanding the game is essential and the weapons you select are key. Below are some tips and tricks to help new players better align themselves for success in the game.

Best CS:GO Weapons

1. Pistols:

Use Case: Usually bought during pistol rounds or eco rounds. Pistols are the go-to choice when you can't afford better firepower.

Key Picks: Desert Eagle - Known for its high damage; a headshot can be a kill.
USP-S & P2000 - Default CT pistols; USP-S is silenced.
Glock-18 - Default T-side pistol, quick firing rate.

2. Rifles:

Use Case: Primary weapons for most rounds. Essential for both offense and defense.

Key Picks: AK-47 (T) & M4A4/M4A1-S (CT) - Core rifles for each side.
AUG (CT) and SG 553 (T) - Scoped alternatives, offer better accuracy but at a higher price.

3. Submachine Guns (SMGs):

Use Case: Anti-eco rounds or aggressive, fast-paced strategies. SMGs give better kill rewards than rifles.

Key Picks: UMP-45 - Balanced power and price.
MAC-10 (T) & MP9 (CT) - Cheap options for fast plays.

4. Sniper Rifles:

Use Case: Holding long angles or getting picks.

Key Picks: AWP - High damage, one-shot kill to the body. But expensive.
SSG 08 (Scout) - Lighter, cheaper, but requires headshots for one-shot kills.

5. Shotguns:

Use Case: Close-quarters combat, especially in tight spaces. Higher kill rewards.

Key Picks:
MAG-7 (CT) - High damage, effective for holding close angles.
XM1014 - Semi-auto, faster than other shotguns.

6. Machine Guns:

Use Case: Rarely used in competitive due to high price and low mobility.

Key Picks:
Negev - High fire rate, good for holding choke points.

7. Utility and Tactical Gear:

Importance: Beyond guns, grenades like smokes, flashes, molotovs/incendiaries, and HE grenades shape the round's outcome. Also, the Kevlar and Helmet combo is vital for reducing damage.

Top 10 CS:GO Tips for Players – It’s Not Just About Weapons

Aside from the weapons you choose in the game, there are some other tips that are vitally important to understand for gameplay.

  1. Economy Management: CS:GO is as much about gunfights as it is about managing your money. Smart buys can determine round outcomes. Understand the game's economy. It's not always about buying the best weapons; sometimes, it's better to save or go for a budget buy to set your team up for future rounds.
  2. Practice: Each weapon has its spray pattern. Familiarize yourself with these through practice maps. Like any skill, consistency is crucial. Set aside time regularly to practice, whether it's aim training, scrimmage matches, or studying game mechanics.
  3. Positioning: Based on the weapon you hold, choose your position. For instance, AWPers typically hold long angles, while shotgun players play up close. Adapt your positioning based on the situation. Don't be predictable; changing up your spots, especially after being spotted, can catch the enemy off guard.
  4. Aim Training: Regularly practice your aim on aim training maps. This helps improve muscle memory, reflexes, and accuracy.
  5. Learn Spray Patterns: Each rifle in CS:GO has a unique spray pattern. By mastering these patterns, you can control your shots better, especially during continuous fire.
  6. Communication: Clearly communicate with your team. Sharing information about enemy positions, economy, and strategies can make the difference between winning and losing a round.
  7. Map Knowledge: Familiarize yourself with all the maps in the game. Knowing callouts, hiding spots, angles, and grenade throw spots can give you a considerable advantage.
  8. Utility Mastery: Learn how to use grenades (smokes, flashes, molotovs, and HE grenades) effectively. A well-placed smoke or flash can turn the tide of a round.
  9. Stay Calm: Whether you're in a 1v5 clutch situation or facing a crucial round, keeping your composure is key. Panic can lead to mistakes, so take a deep breath and play methodically.
  10. Watch and Learn: Watch professional players' matches or streams. This can offer insights into strategies, play styles, and decision-making processes you can incorporate into your gameplay.

Remember, while individual skill is essential, CS:GO is a team game. Prioritizing team play and collaboration will often lead to better outcomes than focusing solely on personal performance. CS:GO is a game of strategy, precision, and teamwork. A profound understanding of weapons is essential, but combining it with map knowledge and team synergy is the key to success.

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