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MP7 CS:GO SMG – Close and Midrange Damage and Accuracy

The MP7 in CS:GO is a prominent submachine gun favored by players who prioritize mobility without compromising on firepower. Hailing from the SMG category, the MP7 stands out because of its balance between damage and accuracy, making it an excellent choice for those tight, intense skirmishes, especially during early rounds when the budget is tight. Its versatility shines through in both close-quarter battles and mid-range confrontations, allowing players to adapt to various situations swiftly.

Recoil management is an essential aspect of mastering the MP7. Although it comes with a reasonably manageable recoil pattern, players who take the time to understand and control it will find themselves landing shots more consistently. Coupled with its impressive accuracy, even while moving, the MP7 can be a force to be reckoned with in the right hands. The weapon also offers a plethora of customization options, from skins to stickers, allowing players to tailor its aesthetics to their preferences, further solidifying its position as a popular choice in the CS:GO arsenal.

Key Features & Gameplay Elements

  • Versatility: The MP7 is designed for close-quarter engagements but offers a decent range for mid-range battles, making it adaptable to various situations in CS:GO.
  • Damage: Boasting a competitive damage output, the MP7 can hold its own against various weapons, especially when aiming for headshots.
  • Recoil: Understanding the MP7's recoil pattern is vital. With a manageable spray, mastering its control can greatly improve shot placement.
  • Accuracy: The MP7 offers reliable accuracy, especially when moving. Its rate of fire combined with its precision makes it a formidable choice for those quick engagements.

MP7 Basic Information

  • Team: Both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists can purchase the MP7.
  • Price: $1,500.
  • Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds per magazine.
  • Ammo Type: 4.6×30mm.
  • Reserve Ammo: 120 rounds.
  • Range: Medium to close range.
  • Fire Rate: High.
  • Fire Modes: Automatic.
  • Recoil: Moderate (manageable with practice).
  • Kill Award: $600 in Competitive mode, $300 in Casual mode.
  • Reload Time: Approximately 3.2 seconds.
  • Movement Speed: 220 units/second (close to knife speed).
  • Kill Reward: Same as Kill Award; $600 in Competitive and $300 in Casual.

Damage Statistics

  • Base Damage: 29
  • Headshot:
    • Without armor: 72
    • With armor: 52
  • Chest and Arm Shots:
    • Without armor: 22
    • With armor: 16
  • Stomach:
    • Without armor: 36
    • With armor: 26
  • Leg Shots: 20 (Note: Shots to the legs have a 0.8x damage factor, and they never benefit from armor penetration)
  • Armor Penetration: 62.5%
  • Penetration Power: 100 (ability to shoot through materials)
  • Range Modifier: 0.85 (damage decreases as the distance increases)
  • Recoil Control: Approximately 21 (the lower the value, the harder to control)

MP7 Usage

  • Role: The MP7 is best suited for entry fraggers or support players who require mobility to clear tight spaces or hold close angles.
  • Economy: An excellent choice during force buys or anti-eco rounds due to its relatively low price and high effectiveness against unarmored opponents.
  • Tactic: Ideal for aggressive pushes, flanking maneuvers, or holding tight chokepoints where its rate of fire can be most effective.
  • Shooting Techniques: Players often use a combination of burst fire at medium ranges and full-auto sprays in close-quarter battles. Tap shooting can also be effective at longer distances when caught off-guard.

MP7 Pros and Cons


  • Affordability: The MP7 is one of the more affordable SMGs in CS:GO. With its cost set at a moderate $1,500, players can easily purchase it during force buys or anti-eco rounds. This economic advantage allows teams to maintain some level of firepower even when finances are tight, offering a potential game-changing weapon at a fraction of the cost of rifles.
  • High Movement Speed: The MP7 boasts a high movement speed, almost close to that of a knife. This speed allows players to quickly traverse the map, dodge enemy fire, and engage in aggressive maneuvers more effectively. The mobility offered by the MP7 can be a crucial advantage in surprise pushes or fast-paced gameplay.
  • Versatility: The weapon is not limited to close-quarter skirmishes. While it excels in tight spaces, it is also quite effective at medium ranges. This versatility means that players can adapt to various scenarios on the fly without being overly disadvantaged by their weapon choice.
  • Manageable Recoil: Even though it has a distinct recoil pattern, with practice, players can get a firm grasp of its spray. The ability to control the MP7's recoil can lead to more consistent eliminations, especially in close to medium-range engagements.


  • Reduced Damage Against Armored Opponents: The MP7 tends to struggle against opponents wearing armor, particularly helmets. This reduced damage can be a significant drawback in gunfights, especially in later rounds where most players will have armor.
  • Limited Long-Range Effectiveness: At long ranges, the MP7’s accuracy and damage drop-off make it less viable compared to rifles. Players with the MP7 would often need to close the distance or use surprise tactics to level the playing field against long-range weapons.
  • Ammo Consumption: Due to its high fire rate, the MP7 can burn through its ammo quickly, potentially leaving players in a tough spot if they don't manage their shots wisely. Conservation and mindful shooting become crucial, especially during prolonged firefights.
  • Outclassed by Rifles in Direct Confrontations: When going head-to-head against rifles, the MP7 often finds itself outmatched, especially in open spaces. Players need to utilize the MP7's strengths and avoid direct, long-range engagements with rifle-wielding opponents to maximize their chances of success.

MP7 Additional Features

  • Sound: The MP7 has a distinct firing sound. Recognizing this sound can give players information about opponents' weapon choices. Conversely, using the MP7 can give away your position or weapon choice to experienced players.
  • Wall Penetration: The MP7, like other SMGs, doesn't have as robust wall penetration as some rifles, but it can still shoot through lighter materials. This ability can be utilized to engage enemies hiding behind certain walls or boxes.
  • First Shot Accuracy: The MP7, when compared to other SMGs, has decent first-shot accuracy, especially when standing still. This makes it effective for tap shooting at slightly extended ranges, especially if caught off-guard or transitioning between points.
  • Cost Efficiency: Beyond just the base price, the MP7 offers a high kill reward, which can significantly benefit the player's economy if used effectively. The $600 reward in competitive mode means that even a couple of kills can offset its cost.
  • Attachment: Unlike certain other SMGs, the MP7 does not allow for a silencer attachment. This means every shot will be audible at the expected range and show on the radar unless suppressed by other means (like being inside a smoke grenade).
  • Running Accuracy: The MP7 is known for its relatively high accuracy when moving, making run-and-gun strategies viable in certain situations. This feature allows players to maintain their mobility without sacrificing too much in terms of shot precision.

MP7 Application & Usage

The MP7, categorized under the submachine guns in CS:GO, is a compelling choice for players looking to strike a balance between cost efficiency and firepower. It shines brightest in situations where the team's economy is strained. It offers a relatively affordable option that still packs a punch, especially during force buys or anti-eco rounds. Its high rate of fire and commendable movement speed make it particularly lethal in close-quarter combat scenarios, such as defending tight bomb sites, navigating narrow corridors, or executing quick, aggressive pushes.

The MP7 also offers a distinct advantage in mobility over rifles, making it an ideal pick for fast-paced, fluid gameplay, flanking maneuvers, or catching opponents off-guard. Furthermore, its decent first-shot accuracy can be harnessed for surprise engagements at mid-range. In essence, the MP7 should be wielded when a player aims to capitalize on speed, surprise, and cost-effectiveness, while also retaining a respectable level of combat capability against both armored and unarmored opponents.

MP7 Skins

The MP7, like many weapons in CS:GO, has a variety of skins available that players can use to customize its appearance. These skins range from common, simplistic designs to rare, intricate patterns. While the gameplay remains unaffected by the skin, many players treasure unique skins for their aesthetic appeal and potential value in the virtual marketplace.

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