MP5-SD Stats: Understanding the Silent Submachine Gun


UMP-45 CS:GO SMG – Stealthy Suppressed Submachine Gun

The MP5-SD in CS:GO is a unique blend of stealth and efficiency, marking its significance among the roster of weapons available in the game. As a submachine gun with an integrated suppressor, it offers players the opportunity to conduct covert operations, allowing for discreet eliminations without broadcasting their position. This silent aspect of the weapon gives it an edge in scenarios where stealth and surprise are key elements.

While the MP5-SD doesn't deliver the most formidable damage compared to some of its counterparts, its rate of fire and mobility make up for it, granting players agility on the battlefield. The recoil can be a challenge for novices, but with practice, the weapon becomes a reliable companion. Its accuracy, especially when aiming down sights, makes it a potent choice in the right hands. In a nutshell, the MP5-SD provides a harmonious balance between stealth and combat efficiency, making it a favored pick for players who value both these aspects.

Key Features & Gameplay Elements

  • Versatility: The MP5-SD is a well-rounded submachine gun, offering players the ability to adapt to various in-game scenarios. Whether you're in a close-quarters skirmish or trying to flank the enemy, its versatility shines through.
  • Damage: While it may not pack the punch of some heavier rifles, the MP5-SD's damage output is respectable for its class. With the right approach, players can efficiently take down opponents.
  • Recoil: The MP5-SD's recoil pattern is distinctive, but with practice, players can learn to control and compensate for its movements, ensuring consistent shots.
  • Accuracy: Equipped with a suppressor, the MP5-SD maintains a reasonable level of accuracy, especially when aiming down sights. Proper positioning and aim can make this weapon deadly in the hands of a skilled player.

MP5-SD Basic Information

  • Team: Both (Terrorists & Counter-Terrorists)
  • Price: Specific price - typically varies based on game balance updates
  • Magazine Capacity: Specific magazine capacity
  • Ammo Type: Specific ammo type, e.g., 9mm
  • Reserve Ammo: Specific number of rounds in reserve
  • Range: Specific effective range in meters or general description, e.g., medium-range
  • Fire Rate: Specific rate, e.g., rounds per minute
  • Fire Modes: Semi-automatic, Automatic
  • Recoil: Description of the recoil, e.g., moderate or pattern-based
  • Kill Award: Specific amount awarded per kill in certain game modes
  • Reload Time: Specific time in seconds
  • Movement Speed: Specific speed or general description, e.g., fast
  • Kill Reward: Specific monetary reward for a kill in competitive modes

MP5-SD Damage Statistics

  • Base Damage: Specific number, e.g., 30 HP
  • Headshot: Damage multiplier or specific damage, e.g., 4x or 120 HP
  • Chest and Arm Shots: Damage multiplier or specific damage, e.g., 1x or 30 HP
  • Stomach: Damage multiplier or specific damage, e.g., 1.25x or 37.5 HP
  • Leg Shots: Damage multiplier or specific damage, usually less than base, e.g., 0.75x or 22.5 HP - note that CS:GO has a specific leg shot modifier where leg shots deal 75% of the base damage and they don't penetrate armor
  • Armor Penetration: Percentage, e.g., 50%
  • Penetration Power: Specific number indicating how many objects (e.g., walls) the bullet can penetrate or a description, e.g., medium
  • Range Modifier: Multiplier indicating how much damage decreases with distance, e.g., 0.85x
  • Recoil Control: Description of how controllable the recoil is, e.g., moderate or a specific percentage, e.g., 70%


  • Role: Primarily used by players in a lurker or roamer role due to its stealthy attributes. It can also fit in the hands of entry fraggers in eco rounds where silence can provide an initial pick without alerting the entire team.
  • Economy: Ideal for force-buy or eco rounds when a team doesn’t have enough funds for rifles but requires a weapon with a bit more punch than pistols. Its relatively low price combined with effectiveness makes it a common choice.
  • Tactic: The suppressor makes it great for flanking or taking alternative routes to catch the enemy off-guard. It's also effective in close-quarter combat situations such as defending or retaking bombsites in tight spaces.
  • Shooting Techniques: Burst firing is recommended at mid-range to maintain accuracy, while full-auto can be utilized at close range for maximum damage output. It's also advisable to strafe and dodge between shots, taking advantage of the weapon's good movement speed.

MP5-SD Pros and Cons


  • Stealth with Integrated Suppressor: The MP5-SD comes with an integrated suppressor, allowing players to shoot without revealing their position on the minimap. This characteristic makes it ideal for stealth gameplay, as opponents are less likely to pinpoint the shooter's location based on sound alone.
  • High Mobility: The MP5-SD offers great movement speed, enabling players to quickly navigate the map, rotate between bomb sites, and take alternate routes. This mobility can be advantageous in situations where quick positioning or repositioning is crucial.
  • Affordable Price: Being priced lower than many primary weapons, the MP5-SD offers a viable option during eco or force-buy rounds. It provides a balance between firepower and economy, making it a smart buy when funds are limited.
  • Versatility: The weapon's design and attributes make it suitable for both close and medium-range combat. Whether you're holding an angle or pushing an opponent, the MP5-SD can adapt to various situations.


  • Lower Damage Compared to Rifles: While the MP5-SD has decent damage for a submachine gun, it still pales in comparison to rifles like the AK-47 or M4. This discrepancy can make it challenging to win duels against opponents with more powerful weapons, especially at longer ranges.
  • Limited Armor Penetration: The MP5-SD's bullets don't penetrate armor as effectively as some other weapons. In scenarios where opponents are fully equipped with armor, securing kills can become notably more challenging.
  • Recoil Learning Curve: Newer players might find the MP5-SD's recoil challenging to control, especially during prolonged fire. Mastering its spray pattern requires practice and can be a hurdle for those unfamiliar with the weapon.
  • Not Optimal for Long Range: The MP5-SD's strength diminishes at longer ranges. Its accuracy and damage drop-off make it less effective in open areas or long sightlines compared to rifles or sniper rifles.

MP5-SD Additional Features

  • Sound Profile: Apart from the suppressor making shots quieter, the MP5-SD has a distinct sound that, while subdued, can be recognizable by seasoned players. This unique sound can sometimes be an advantage or a giveaway, depending on the situation.
  • Wall Penetration: Like most SMGs, the MP5-SD has limited wall penetration capabilities. This means that trying to shoot enemies through most surfaces can be ineffective. It's essential to be aware of this when attempting wallbang shots.
  • No Tracers: The bullets fired from the MP5-SD don't produce visible tracers. This trait, combined with its suppressor, makes it difficult for enemies to locate the shooter based on the bullet's trajectory.
  • Quick Equip Time: The MP5-SD has a relatively fast equip time, allowing players to switch to it quickly from another weapon or utility item. This feature can be beneficial in fast-paced situations where you might need to swap between a grenade and your weapon.
  • Silent Draw and Reload: Unlike some other weapons, drawing (equipping) and reloading the MP5-SD are quieter, which can be an advantage when trying to remain unnoticed.

MP5-SD Application & Usage

The MP5-SD, as a unique blend of stealth and versatility in the submachine gun class, is best employed in situations where a balance between mobility and firepower is desired without sacrificing the element of surprise. Its integrated suppressor allows players to execute ambushes, flank opponents, or defend from close-quarter positions without immediately giving away their location. This feature is especially useful in eco or force-buy rounds where a silent approach can create opportunities against better-equipped enemies.

The MP5-SD is also cost-effective. Plus, it boasts a respectable rate of fire and reasonable damage output, makes the MP5-SD a smart choice for players on a tight budget who are still looking to pose a considerable threat. Given its strengths, the weapon shines brightest on maps with tight corridors or enclosed spaces, like "de_inferno" or "de_nuke", where engagements tend to be close to medium range. It's an excellent choice for players who prioritize swift movement, stealth tactics, and those who often play the lurker role, using the weapon's silence to gather information or make plays without alerting the entire enemy team.

MP5-SD Skins

The MP5-SD, being one of the versatile and favored weapons in CS:GO, has been graced with a variety of skins, allowing players to customize their gameplay experience aesthetically. From intricate designs to more minimalist looks, there's a skin to cater to every player's taste.

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