MCA-10: In-depth Weapon Review and User Guide for A Powerful, Precise SMG


MCA-10 CS:GO SMG – Power & Precisions with Adaptability

The MCA-10, a recent addition to the CS:GO armory, has quickly gained a reputation among players for its striking balance of power and precision. Designed with adaptability in mind, this weapon boasts versatility that makes it formidable in a plethora of scenarios. Whether engaged in close-quarters combat or taking precise shots from a distance, the MCA-10 proves itself time and time again as a reliable choice for players looking to secure an advantage on the battlefield.

One of the standout features of the MCA-10 is its commendable damage output. A few well-placed shots can easily incapacitate opponents, making it a weapon to be reckoned with in intense firefight situations. However, power doesn't come at the cost of control. Players can expect a manageable recoil pattern, allowing for consistent aim, especially when employing techniques like burst firing. Moreover, its inherent accuracy ensures that every shot has the potential to hit its mark, making it a favorite among players who prioritize precision.

In the ever-evolving landscape of CS:GO, the MCA-10 has carved a niche for itself, serving as a testament to the game's ability to introduce new elements that invigorate gameplay. Its fusion of damage, control, and adaptability ensures it will remain a popular choice for many matches to come.

Key Features & Gameplay Elements

  • Versatility: The MCA-10 is designed for a range of situations, suitable for both close-quarters combat and medium-range engagements. Its adaptability makes it a go-to for many players.
  • Damage: Packing a punch with every shot, the MCA-10's damage output ensures that enemies are swiftly neutralized. Its high damage profile can change the tide of a firefight.
  • Recoil: With its controlled recoil pattern, the MCA-10 offers players a chance to maintain consistent aim, especially when burst firing or controlling the spray.
  • Accuracy: Precision is key in CS:GO, and the MCA-10 doesn't disappoint. Its pinpoint accuracy, especially when stationary or crouched, ensures that shots land where they're intended.

MCA-10 Basic Information

  • Team: [e.g., Terrorist/Counter-Terrorist]
  • Price: [e.g., $2500]
  • Magazine Capacity: [e.g., 30 rounds]
  • Ammo Type: [e.g., 5.56mm]
  • Reserve Ammo: [e.g., 120 rounds]
  • Range: [e.g., Medium to Long]
  • Fire Rate: [e.g., 700 rounds per minute]
  • Fire Modes: [e.g., Semi-automatic, Burst, Automatic]
  • Recoil: [e.g., Moderate with vertical climb]
  • Kill Award: [e.g., $300 (Competitive), $150 (Casual)]
  • Reload Time: [e.g., 2.5 seconds]
  • Movement Speed: [e.g., 215 units/second]
  • Kill Reward: [e.g., $600]

Damage Statistics

  • Base Damage: [e.g., 34 HP]
  • Headshot: [e.g., 102 HP]
  • Chest and Arm Shots: [e.g., 27 HP]
  • Stomach: [e.g., 42 HP]
  • Leg Shots: [e.g., 20 HP (note: shots to the leg usually do 75% of base damage in CS:GO, but there's no armor mitigation)]
  • Armor Penetration: [e.g., 70%]
  • Penetration Power: [e.g., 200 (determines how well the bullet goes through surfaces)]
  • Range Modifier: [e.g., 0.98 (affects damage over distance)]
  • Recoil Control: [e.g., 22% (percentage control over weapon's recoil)]

MCA-10 Usage

  • Role: Entry Fragger - The player who takes the lead in taking control of a site, or Support - Assisting the main riflers by using utility and holding angles.
  • Economy: Force Buy Weapon - Often purchased when the team doesn't have a full economy, or Eco Round Choice - Chosen for its cost-effectiveness during save rounds.
  • Tactic: Rushing - Ideal for fast-paced attacks due to its mobility, or Holding Angles - Effective in holding tight angles and choke points due to its accuracy.
  • Shooting Techniques: Tap Shooting - Shooting one bullet at a time for long-range accuracy, or Spray Control - Firing multiple rounds while controlling the recoil pattern for close to medium range engagements.

MCA-10 Pros and Cons


  • Versatility: One of the most significant advantages of the MCA-10 is its versatility. Whether you're storming a site or holding down an angle, this weapon can adapt to various scenarios. It's an all-rounder, making it a choice weapon for both rookies and veterans. Its adaptability ensures that players aren't confined to a singular playstyle, offering a dynamic approach to each round.
  • High Damage Output: Packing a punch with every shot, the MCA-10 stands out when it comes to inflicting damage. Its ability to swiftly neutralize enemies means that players can rely on it during critical moments. A few well-placed shots can change the tide of a round, giving your team the advantage it needs.
  • Consistent Accuracy: In a game where landing your shots can mean the difference between victory and defeat, the MCA-10 shines with its commendable accuracy. Especially when players maintain a stationary position or adopt a crouched stance, this weapon ensures that bullets find their mark, allowing players to take confident shots.


  • Recoil Management: While the MCA-10 boasts a myriad of benefits, managing its recoil can be challenging, especially for newcomers. During prolonged firefights, players might find it hard to control the spray pattern, making it essential to practice and familiarize oneself with its behavior to maximize effectiveness.
  • Price Point: High quality often comes at a price. The MCA-10, with its impressive features, might be on the higher end of the price spectrum in the game's economy. This means that purchasing it might be a considerable investment, especially during rounds where the team's economy isn't robust.
  • Mobility Limitations: Heavier firepower can sometimes come at the cost of mobility. The MCA-10, being a robust weapon, might slightly impede a player's movement speed. This can be a drawback when quick rotations or rapid repositioning is necessary, making players weigh the benefits of firepower versus agility.

MCA-10 Additional Features

  • Sound Profile: The MCA-10 might have a distinct sound when fired, which could be recognizable by experienced players. This auditory signature could give away your position or allow opponents to identify the weapon you're using.
  • Skin Wear Levels: Just like other weapons in CS:GO, the MCA-10's skins could have varying wear levels, ranging from Factory New to Battle-Scarred. The wear level can affect the skin's appearance and its market value.
  • Kill Confirmations: Some weapons feature a unique animation or sound after securing a kill. The MCA-10 might possess such a trait, adding an extra layer of satisfaction after eliminating an opponent.
  • Alternative Attachments: The MCA-10 could potentially come with attachment options, like a silencer, which might affect its sound, accuracy, and damage profile. While CS:GO typically doesn't delve deep into weapon customization, the inclusion of this feature could offer players a nuanced gameplay experience.
  • Special Animations: The MCA-10 might have unique animations for reloading, drawing, or inspecting the weapon, adding to its aesthetic appeal and giving it a distinctive in-game presence.
  • Trade and Market Dynamics: As with all items in CS:GO, the MCA-10 and its skins would be subject to the game's trading and market dynamics. Its rarity, demand, and available skins could influence its value in the Steam Market or trading platforms.

MCA-10 Application & Usage

The MCA-10 is an epitome of versatility and strength in the realm of CS:GO, making it an exceptional choice for a wide array of situations. Ideally, this weapon should be utilized during mid to late game rounds when the team has amassed a stable economy. Its balanced profile of power and precision makes it an excellent choice for both aggressive pushes and defensive stances. Players opting for the MCA-10 can take the lead during site executions, relying on its formidable damage output to secure quick eliminations. Simultaneously, its consistent accuracy allows players to hold angles and choke points effectively, thwarting enemy advances.

Additionally, given its price point, using the MCA-10 is also a strategic declaration of intent; it signals to the opponent that your team is well-equipped and ready for robust confrontations. Thus, selecting the MCA-10 is not just about firepower but also about making a tactical decision based on the team's overall strategy, economy, and the specific demands of a round.

MCA-10 Skins

The aesthetic appeal of CS:GO weapons often lies in their skins, a significant part of the game's culture and economy. Skins not only add flair and personalization to a player's arsenal but also contribute to the overall in-game experience. The MCA-10, with its formidable presence in the battleground, has a diverse range of skins, each tailored to suit players' unique preferences.

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