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SSG 08 CS:GO Rifle – The Scout – Mobile and Precise

The CS:GO SSG 08, commonly known as the "Scout," holds a unique position in the arsenal of weapons available to players. Its distinctive blend of mobility and precision makes it a favorite among snipers who value versatility on the battlefield. Unlike its heavyweight counterpart, the AWP, the SSG 08 prioritizes speed and agility. This allows players to reposition rapidly, engage in aggressive peeks, or take those bold jump shots with relative ease. The combination of its lighter frame and impeccable accuracy, even while on the move, makes it an invaluable tool for those looking to adopt a dynamic and unpredictable playstyle.

However, the SSG 08 is not just about speed. Its damage output, especially with a well-placed headshot, is lethal. While it might not pack the same punch as the AWP in terms of raw damage, a skilled player can effectively use the Scout to take down enemies with efficiency. This balance of power and agility, when mastered, can be game-changing, offering players a chance to break the mold and redefine sniper roles in competitive matches.

Furthermore, the manageable recoil of the SSG 08 ensures that players can maintain control over their shots, even in quick succession. This control, coupled with its innate accuracy, ensures that the Scout remains a weapon of choice for those looking to strike the perfect balance between firepower and mobility in the intense world of CS:GO.

Key Features & Gameplay Elements

  • Versatility: The SSG 08, often referred to as the "Scout," offers a lightweight alternative to heavier snipers, making it a choice weapon for quick repositioning and aggressive peeking. Its mobility allows players to engage in both close and long-range combat with more fluidity.
  • Damage: While not as powerful as its counterpart, the AWP, the SSG 08 can still deliver lethal shots with a well-placed hit. A headshot is always fatal, and even body shots can inflict significant damage, especially against unarmored opponents.
  • Recoil: The SSG 08 has a manageable recoil pattern, especially when compared to other sniper rifles. With practice, players can get a grip on its firing rhythm and maximize successive shots.
  • Accuracy: One of the SSG 08's standout features is its accuracy. Even when moving, the Scout maintains a relatively high accuracy compared to other sniper rifles. This makes it particularly effective for jump shots or when swiftly changing positions.

SSG 08 Basic Information

  • Team: Both (Terrorist & Counter-Terrorist)
  • Price: $1,700
  • Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds
  • Ammo Type: 7.62mm
  • Reserve Ammo: 90 rounds
  • Range: Long
  • Fire Rate: Approximately 48 rounds per minute (RPM)
  • Fire Modes: Bolt-action
  • Recoil: Low to moderate (manageable with practice)
  • Kill Award: Standard (Competitive: $300 / Casual: $150)
  • Reload Time: Approximately 2.2 seconds
  • Movement Speed: 230 units/second (slightly faster than many other sniper rifles)
  • Kill Reward: (Same as Kill Award) Standard (Competitive: $300 / Casual: $150)

SSG 08 Key Features & Gameplay Elements

  • Versatility: The SSG 08, fondly dubbed the "Scout," is prized for its adaptability in various game scenarios. Its lightweight nature combined with its lethal precision allows players to shift between aggressive and passive plays seamlessly, making it a formidable choice for dynamic gameplay.
  • Damage: While the SSG 08 may not pack the sheer force of some other sniper rifles, it compensates with its ability to deliver lethal headshots. Additionally, its damage against unarmored targets, especially with body shots, can be highly effective in the right hands.
  • Recoil: The Scout boasts a relatively tame recoil, particularly when set against other weapons in its category. This characteristic ensures that players can maintain a steady aim and consecutively fire shots with greater control.

Damage Statistics

  • Base Damage: 88
  • Headshot:
    • No armor: 353 damage
    • With armor: 176.5 damage (considering 50% armor penetration)
  • Chest and Arm Shots:
    • No armor: 66 damage (75% of base damage)
    • With armor: 33 damage (considering 50% armor penetration)
  • Stomach:
    • No armor: 110 damage (125% of base damage)
    • With armor: 55 damage (considering 50% armor penetration)
  • Leg Shots: 22.08 damage (25% of base damage, no armor mitigation since leg shots do not account for armor)
  • Armor Penetration: 50%
  • Penetration Power: 200 (higher than most rifles, allowing for shooting through certain walls and objects)
  • Range Modifier: 0.98 (This means the weapon retains 98% of its damage over a certain distance)
  • Recoil Control: Approx. 18 (higher value denotes worse control, but this is relative and the SSG 08 has less recoil than many other sniper rifles)

SSG 08 Usage

  • Role: Sniper/Scout: The SSG 08 is designed for players who want to take on a sniping role but with added mobility. While it can't replace the power of an AWP, its speed and accuracy make it a viable option for early-round picks or for players on a budget.
  • Economy: Eco and Force Buy Rounds: Due to its relatively low cost, the SSG 08 is a popular choice during eco (economic) rounds or force buy rounds where a team might not have enough money for more expensive weapons but still needs the ranged firepower.
  • Tactic:
    • Quick Repositioning: The SSG 08's lightweight design allows players to rapidly change their positions, making it harder for enemies to predict their next move.
    • Aggressive Peeking: Due to its speed and accuracy, the SSG 08 can be employed for aggressive peeking strategies, catching opponents off-guard.
    • Holding Angles: While it doesn't have the one-shot kill power of the AWP to the chest, skilled players can still use it to hold angles and eliminate opponents with a well-aimed headshot.
  • Shooting Techniques:
    • Jump Shots: One of the iconic moves with the SSG 08, jump shots capitalize on the weapon's accuracy while jumping, offering opportunities for surprise kills.
    • Crouch Peeking: Crouching quickly while peeking with the SSG 08 can help in minimizing exposure while maximizing accuracy.
    • Drag Scoping: Quickly dragging the scope onto the target before firing, leveraging the SSG 08's relative accuracy during movement.

SSG 08 Pros and Cons


  • High Mobility: One of the standout features of the SSG 08 is its high movement speed, which exceeds that of most sniper rifles in the game. This mobility allows players to quickly change positions, reposition after taking a shot, or engage in more aggressive plays, making it a versatile choice for snipers who don't want to remain stationary.
  • Cost-Efficient: Compared to the AWP, the SSG 08 is significantly cheaper. This makes it a preferred choice during eco or force-buy rounds when funds are limited. Its competitive pricing, combined with its potential damage output, offers a good return on investment, especially in the hands of skilled players.
  • Jump Shot Accuracy: The SSG 08 is known for its unique ability to remain relatively accurate while jumping, something other sniper rifles struggle with. This characteristic enables players to execute jump shots, catching opponents off-guard and adding an element of unpredictability to their gameplay.
  • Wall Penetration: With a high penetration power, the SSG 08 allows players to shoot through certain walls, boxes, and other surfaces. This ability can be used strategically to inflict damage or eliminate opponents taking cover, making the weapon more versatile in varied situations.


  • Lower Damage Compared to AWP: While the SSG 08 can deliver lethal headshots, its damage to the body is significantly less than that of the AWP. This means that unless a player lands a headshot, it might take multiple hits to eliminate an opponent, especially if they're armored.
  • Requires Precision: Due to its lower damage output, precision becomes crucial with the SSG 08. Players need to be more accurate in their shots, especially if they aim to maximize the weapon's potential and achieve one-shot kills.
  • Less Intimidating: In the psychological gameplay of CS:GO, the sound of an AWP firing can deter opponents or make them rethink their approach. The SSG 08 doesn't carry the same level of intimidation, potentially allowing opponents to be more aggressive against a player wielding it.
  • Not Ideal for All Situations: While the SSG 08 shines in scenarios where mobility and versatility are needed, it might not be the best choice for holding certain long angles or when raw firepower is the primary requirement. In such cases, the AWP or even some rifles might offer a more practical advantage.

SSG 08 Additional Features

  • Fast Zoom: Unlike the AWP, the SSG 08 scopes in relatively quickly. This speed can be advantageous in quickly changing situations or when a swift reaction is needed.
  • Noise Level: The sound signature of the SSG 08 is less pronounced than that of the AWP. This slightly reduced noise can occasionally allow players to take shots without immediately giving away their position, especially if ambient map noises or ongoing firefights mask it.
  • Versatility in Economy: While we touched upon its economical benefits, it's also worth noting that the SSG 08 can be a strategic buy in rounds following a win to preserve money. Its lower cost, combined with its potential damage, can be a risk-reward strategy to increase a team's economic advantage.
  • No Movement Penalty When Scoped: Most weapons in CS:GO incur a penalty to accuracy when moving. The SSG 08, however, retains a good deal of its accuracy even while moving when scoped in. This feature enables players to take shots on the move, adding an unpredictable element to their gameplay.
  • Scout's Knives Mode Inspiration: The "Scout's Knives" mode, a popular community game mode, is centered around the SSG 08 (or "Scout") and knives. In this mode, players understand and exploit the SSG 08's mobility and jump-shot accuracy to the fullest, highlighting the weapon's unique gameplay dynamics.

SSG 08 Application & Usage

The SSG 08, commonly referred to as the "Scout" within the CS:GO community, is a unique sniper rifle that offers a blend of mobility, accuracy, and affordability. Players should consider using the SSG 08 during eco or force-buy rounds when funds are limited yet the team requires a long-range presence. Its cost-effectiveness presents a distinct advantage in these scenarios, offering the possibility of high damage output without heavily investing. Additionally, the weapon's renowned jump-shot accuracy and swift movement speed make it a favorite for unconventional tactics, such as aggressive peeking, rapid repositioning, or taking unexpected angles.

In maps with diverse engagement distances, like Dust II or Mirage, the Scout allows players to cover long angles and quickly reposition, making it harder for enemies to predict their moves. Furthermore, in skilled hands, the SSG 08 can serve as a powerful tool for early-round picks, disrupting the opponent's strategy and setting a favorable tone for the remainder of the round. In essence, the SSG 08 is best suited for players seeking a sniper rifle that offers versatility and mobility without breaking the bank.

SSG 08 Skins

The allure of CS:GO extends beyond its adrenaline-pumping gameplay to its visually stunning weapon skins. Skins have become a vital part of the CS:GO culture, offering players a way to customize their in-game weapons and showcase their unique style. For the SSG 08, or the "Scout," as it's commonly known, there's a diverse range of skins available, each with its own design and flair. Here are some notable skins available for the SSG 08:

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