M4A1-S Rifle: The Comprehensive Weapon for the CS:GO M4A1-S Long Gun


M4A1-S CS:GO Rifle – Precision and Stealth

The M4A1-S, a staple in the Counter-Strike series, is renowned for its precision and stealth, making it a favorite among many CS:GO players. As a silenced counterpart to the M4A4, this weapon offers a unique blend of features that cater to both aggressive and tactical players. Its suppressed shots allow players to maintain a level of stealth, giving them a strategic edge in various combat scenarios. Moreover, its accuracy, especially during controlled bursts, makes it a formidable weapon at both close and mid-ranges.

While the M4A1-S may not boast the highest damage per shot in its class, its consistent performance and reduced recoil make it a reliable choice for players looking for controlled gameplay. The weapon's versatility shines through in various game modes, allowing adaptability irrespective of the map or opponent strategy. Furthermore, the rich variety of skins available for the M4A1-S has cemented its status not just as a practical choice for competitive gameplay but also as a symbol of style and prestige in the CS:GO community.

Key Features & Gameplay Elements

  • Versatility: How well the M4A1-S adapts to different game scenarios, its compatibility with various tactics, and its ability to perform consistently across different maps and against various opponents.
  • Damage: An evaluation of the M4A1-S's damage output per bullet, considering both headshots and body shots, as well as its damage falloff over range.
  • Recoil: Analysis of the M4A1-S's recoil pattern, the predictability of its spray, and techniques to control and minimize recoil during rapid fire.
  • Accuracy: A breakdown of the M4A1-S's precision when shooting, factoring in its first-shot accuracy, accuracy while moving, and accuracy after consecutive shots.

M4A1-S Basic Information

  • Team: Which side primarily uses the weapon – Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist.
  • Price: The cost to purchase the M4A1-S in-game.
  • Magazine Capacity: The number of bullets that the M4A1-S can hold in a single magazine.
  • Ammo Type: The specific caliber or type of bullet used by the M4A1-S.
  • Reserve Ammo: The total amount of bullets a player carries in reserve for the M4A1-S, excluding the current magazine.
  • Range: The effective distance over which the M4A1-S can inflict damage.
  • Fire Rate: The speed at which the M4A1-S can fire bullets in succession.
  • Fire Modes: The available firing modes for the M4A1-S, e.g., semi-automatic, burst, automatic.
  • Recoil: A measure of how much the gun jumps or moves away from the aim point when fired.
  • Kill Award: The monetary bonus a player receives for making a kill with the M4A1-S in specific game modes.
  • Reload Time: The duration it takes to reload a fresh magazine into the M4A1-S.
  • Movement Speed: The speed at which players can move while holding the M4A1-S.
  • Kill Reward: The amount of money awarded to a player for securing a kill with the M4A1-S in competitive play.

Damage Statistics

  • Base Damage: The foundational damage value of the M4A1-S without any multipliers.
  • Headshot: Damage dealt by the M4A1-S when a bullet hits an opponent's head.
  • Chest and Arm Shots: Damage dealt by the M4A1-S when a bullet hits an opponent's chest or arms.
  • Stomach: Damage dealt by the M4A1-S when a bullet strikes an opponent's stomach.
  • Leg Shots: Damage dealt by the M4A1-S when a bullet hits an opponent's legs. (Note: Typically, leg shots do not have any armor mitigation in CS:GO.)
  • Armor Penetration: The percentage of damage the M4A1-S can inflict through armor.
  • Penetration Power: The ability of the M4A1-S bullets to penetrate through surfaces and barriers.
  • Range Modifier: A factor that modifies the damage value based on the distance to the target.
  • Recoil Control: A measure of how manageable and predictable the recoil of the M4A1-S is when firing continuously.

M4A1-S Usage

  • Role: The primary function or position in a team where the M4A1-S is most effective, such as entry fragger, support, lurker, etc.
  • Economy: The optimal economic scenarios for purchasing the M4A1-S considering its price, potential return on investment, and the team's overall economy.
  • Tactic: Strategic applications of the M4A1-S in gameplay, such as holding angles, retaking sites, or suppressing enemy pushes.
  • Shooting Techniques: Different firing methods to maximize the M4A1-S's potential, including tap shooting, controlled bursts, and spray control.

M4A1-S Pros and Cons


  • Stealth Due to Suppressor: The M4A1-S comes equipped with a suppressor, which not only muffles the sound of gunfire but also omits visible tracers. This makes it harder for opponents to identify the shooter's location, offering a distinct tactical advantage, especially in scenarios that require subtlety or ambushes.
  • High Accuracy: The M4A1-S is known for its remarkable accuracy, especially during the first few shots. This precision allows players to land headshots more consistently, making it a weapon of choice for those who value precise aiming over spray and pray.
  • Manageable Recoil: Unlike some of its counterparts, the M4A1-S has a relatively predictable and manageable recoil pattern. This feature enables players, even those less familiar with the weapon, to control its spray effectively with some practice.
  • Versatility: The M4A1-S is suitable for various roles and strategies in the game, from holding angles and lurking to engaging in mid-range combat. This versatility ensures that players can rely on the weapon in a myriad of tactical situations.


  • Lower Magazine Capacity: With only 25 rounds in its magazine, the M4A1-S has fewer bullets than some of its competitors, like the M4A4. This limitation can be a significant disadvantage in scenarios where a player has to engage multiple enemies consecutively without the opportunity to reload.
  • Lower Fire Rate: The M4A1-S has a slightly slower fire rate compared to other rifles in its class. This reduced fire rate can be disadvantageous in close combat situations, where rapid bullet delivery can be the difference between life and death.
  • Limited Ammo Reserve: The M4A1-S has a limited ammo reserve, which can quickly deplete in prolonged fights or when suppressing multiple entry points. This can sometimes force players to either retrieve another weapon or be more conservative with their ammunition.
  • Cost: While not the most expensive rifle, the M4A1-S is still a significant investment, especially in tight economic situations. This cost can sometimes deter players from purchasing it, opting for more budget-friendly options.

M4A1-S Additional Features

  • Silencer Removal: Though it's rarely advisable due to the weapon's primary advantage being its stealth, players can remove the M4A1-S's silencer. This alters its sound and shooting characteristics slightly.
  • Environmental Impact: The suppressed shots of the M4A1-S have less audible range compared to louder weapons. This means that in certain situations, enemies further away might not hear your shots, providing a tactical advantage.
  • Customization: Beyond skins, the M4A1-S also has a range of stickers and other customization options in CS:GO. These allow players to further personalize their weapon, making it a reflection of their style or favorite teams and players.
  • Economic Implication in Professional Play: In professional matches, the decision to buy an M4A1-S over other weapons can have economic implications. The M4A1-S's cost relative to its potential impact in rounds is a strategic consideration for teams when they decide on their buy strategies.
  • Evolving Meta: Like all weapons in CS:GO, the utility and popularity of the M4A1-S can shift with game updates, professional meta, and player preferences. This evolution can lead to periods where the M4A1-S is either highly favored or less commonly used in competitive matches.

M4A1-S Application & Usage

The M4A1-S stands as one of CS:GO's premier rifles, particularly revered for its suppressor-fitted stealth and remarkable accuracy. When it comes to in-game strategy, this weapon is optimal for players who prioritize precision and subtlety over raw firepower. Its suppressed shots not only dampen the audible cues to adversaries but also prevent visible bullet tracers, making it exceptionally difficult for enemies to pinpoint the shooter's location. Such attributes make the M4A1-S a weapon of choice in scenarios that necessitate ambushing, lurking, or holding tight angles where one can benefit from the element of surprise.

Its consistent accuracy, especially during the first few shots, enables players to hold longer lines of sight and engage in medium-range duels effectively. However, its limited magazine capacity and fire rate mean that it may not always be the ideal choice for aggressive frontline combat or situations demanding extensive pre-firing. Instead, it shines brightest in the hands of a player who can harness its stealth and accuracy, making calculated decisions in engagements, and capitalizing on its strengths to outwit and outshoot the opposition.

M4A1-S Skins

The M4A1-S, as one of the iconic weapons in CS:GO, boasts a variety of skins that cater to every player's taste. From vibrant designs to more muted aesthetics, each skin reflects a unique style and personality, further enriching the gaming experience. Whether you're a collector or just want to personalize your weapon, the M4A1-S has a multitude of options to choose from.

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