FAMAS Rifle: Tactics: Optimal Situations and Playstyles for the FAMAS


FAMAS CS:GO Rifle – AKA the Clarion Bullpup

The FAMAS, often nicknamed "Clarion" by the community, holds a unique position in the arsenal of CS:GO weapons. As a versatile bullpup rifle, it gives players the flexibility to switch between burst fire and automatic modes, adapting swiftly to various in-game scenarios. This adaptability can be a lifesaver in situations where a player is caught between short and medium-range engagements.

Its damage output, while not on par with some of the more heavy-duty rifles in the game, is still considerable, especially when landing those critical headshots in burst fire mode. However, mastery of the FAMAS comes with its challenges. The rifle's recoil, particularly in automatic mode, can be daunting for newcomers. But once mastered, its burst fire accuracy at medium ranges can be a game-changer. With a rich history in CS:GO's competitive scene and a wide variety of skins available, the FAMAS continues to be a popular choice for players looking for a cost-effective rifle option.

Key Features & Gameplay Elements

  • Versatility: The FAMAS is known for its ability to switch between burst fire and automatic modes, allowing players to adapt to different combat situations.
  • Damage: While not as powerful as some of the heavier rifles, the FAMAS still delivers consistent damage, especially when landing headshots in burst fire mode.
  • Recoil: The recoil pattern of the FAMAS can be challenging to control, especially in automatic mode. Mastery of this pattern can greatly improve shot consistency.
  • Accuracy: In burst fire mode, the FAMAS offers a higher degree of accuracy at medium range, but it's essential to time shots and control recoil for optimal performance.

FAMAS Basic Information

  • Team: Counter-Terrorists
  • Price: $2,050 (This may vary depending on game updates)
  • Magazine Capacity: 25 rounds
  • Ammo Type: 5.56mm NATO
  • Reserve Ammo: 90 rounds
  • Range: Medium to long
  • Fire Rate: Moderate
  • Fire Modes: Burst fire and automatic
  • Recoil: Moderate to high, with a distinctive pattern
  • Kill Award: Standard (Varies based on game mode: $300 in Competitive mode)
  • Reload Time: Approximately 3.3 seconds
  • Movement Speed: 220 units/second
  • Kill Reward: (This is similar to Kill Award, so consider the previous value)

Key Features & Gameplay Elements

  • Versatility: The dual firing modes of the FAMAS – burst and automatic – allow players to adapt to various combat situations, making it a flexible weapon choice.
  • Damage: While the FAMAS doesn't pack the punch of some heavier rifles, it offers consistent damage output, especially when landing precision shots.
  • Recoil: Controlling the FAMAS's recoil can be challenging, especially when continuously firing in automatic mode. Understanding its recoil pattern is crucial for consistent shooting.
  • Accuracy: The rifle shines in its burst fire mode, delivering relatively high accuracy, especially at medium distances. Proper timing and control can maximize its effectiveness.

Damage Statistics

  • Base Damage: 30
  • Headshot: 120 (4x base damage with multiplier)
  • Chest and Arm Shots: 22.5 (0.75x base damage)
  • Stomach: 37.5 (1.25x base damage)
  • Leg Shots: 10.2 (0.34x base damage – note: leg shots don't get armor penetration)
  • Armor Penetration: 70%
  • Penetration Power: 100 (Ability to shoot through walls and surfaces)
  • Range Modifier: 0.96 (Indicating damage decreases slightly with range)
  • Recoil Control: 22 (Higher value indicates more difficult recoil control)


  • Role: The FAMAS is often used by players in the role of a rifler, especially when playing defensive positions on the Counter-Terrorists side. It can also be a go-to for players looking for a bridge between an SMG and a more expensive rifle.
  • Economy: Due to its moderate price, the FAMAS is a popular choice during force-buy rounds or when the team's economy is strained. It provides a balance between cost and firepower, making it a preferred option over SMGs in certain scenarios.
  • Tactic: The FAMAS is best suited for medium-range engagements. Its burst fire mode can be highly effective when holding angles or defending choke points. In automatic mode, it can be used to spray down multiple opponents in close quarters, though mastering the recoil is crucial.
  • Shooting Techniques: The two main techniques with the FAMAS are tapping and bursting. Tapping is best when aiming for headshots at medium to long ranges. Bursting, especially with the gun's burst fire mode, is effective at medium ranges. For close combat, controlled sprays using its automatic mode can be deadly, but players need to be familiar with its recoil pattern for maximum effectiveness.

FAMAS Pros and Cons


  • Versatility: One of the FAMAS's standout features is its dual firing modes: burst and automatic. This makes it adaptable to various combat situations, allowing players to switch modes based on their immediate needs. Whether you're taking precise shots from a distance or spraying down enemies in close combat, the FAMAS offers a suitable firing mode.
  • Economical Choice: Compared to other rifles, the FAMAS comes at a relatively moderate price. This makes it an attractive choice during force-buy rounds or when the team's economy isn't at its best. The weapon provides a balanced compromise between cost and firepower.
  • Decent Fire Rate: The FAMAS boasts a respectable fire rate, especially in its automatic mode. This ensures that players can engage multiple opponents in quick succession, making it a valuable weapon during intense firefights.


  • Challenging Recoil: One of the significant challenges associated with the FAMAS is its recoil pattern, particularly in automatic mode. New players might find it difficult to control, leading to inaccurate shots. Mastery of its recoil is crucial for consistent gameplay.
  • Lower Damage Compared to Premium Rifles: While the FAMAS offers a consistent damage output, it doesn't match the firepower of more expensive rifles like the M4 or AK-47. In head-to-head battles with such weapons, a FAMAS user might be at a disadvantage unless they can capitalize on accuracy and positioning.
  • Limited Ammo: With a magazine capacity of 25 rounds and a reserve of 90, the FAMAS can run out of ammo relatively quickly, especially during prolonged engagements. This requires players to be mindful of their ammo count and possibly retreat for reloads during critical moments.

FAMAS Additional Features

  • Sound Profile: The sound of a weapon can give away a player's position, and each gun has a distinct audio signature. The FAMAS has a unique sound, especially in its burst mode. Being aware of this can help in both using the weapon and countering players who use it.
  • Skin Wear: As with all weapons in CS:GO, the FAMAS's skins come in different wear levels, from Factory New to Battle-Scarred. The wear affects the skin's appearance but not its performance.
  • Attachment: The FAMAS in CS:GO is modeled with a carrying handle, which gives it a distinct appearance. However, this handle doesn't impact gameplay and is purely aesthetic.
  • Economic Implications: While previously mentioned as an economical choice, it's worth stressing that a successful round with the FAMAS can often provide a significant economic boost to the player and team. This is due to its lower cost compared to potential reward when securing kills or winning rounds.
  • Wallbang Potential: While the FAMAS has penetration power, understanding which surfaces or walls it can effectively shoot through (wallbang) is key. Some surfaces that might be penetrable by heavier rifles might not be as easily penetrable by the FAMAS.

FAMAS Application & Usage

The FAMAS serves as a crucial bridge weapon in the Counter-Terrorists' arsenal in CS:GO, providing a middle ground between the cost-effectiveness of submachine guns and the raw power of more premium rifles like the M4 series. It's best employed in situations where the team's economy is in a precarious position—perhaps not destitute enough for a full eco round, but not affluent enough for a full buy either. The FAMAS shines in medium-range engagements, where its burst fire mode can be leveraged for precision shots. Its relatively moderate price makes it a sound choice during force-buy rounds, allowing players to retain some degree of firepower without completely draining their economy.

Additionally, its versatile firing modes cater to both spray-heavy and tap-shot styles of play, depending on the situation. Players should consider using the FAMAS when they anticipate medium-range duels, need a balanced weapon during mixed-economy rounds, or when they're adopting a more mobile and dynamic playstyle, taking advantage of the FAMAS's relatively high movement speed for rifles.


The FAMAS, like many weapons in CS:GO, comes with a variety of skins, allowing players to customize their in-game appearance. These skins range from simple patterns to intricate designs and can be acquired through various means such as opening weapon cases, trading, or buying them on the Steam market. Some skins are more sought-after than others, often because of their rarity or association with significant in-game events.

FAMAS skins are available at, where you can explore the vast CS:GO cases to find your FAMAS skin.

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