USP-S Guide: Detailed Analysis and Performance Stats of the USP-S Handgun


USP-S CS:GO Pistol – A Precise Handgun

The USP-S, a staple in CS:GO's arsenal, is a CS:GO pistol lauded for its surgical precision and adaptability across different scenarios. A silenced alternative to the P2000, this semi-automatic pistol offers players a unique blend of stealth and efficiency, making it a popular choice during pistol and eco rounds. Its silencer not only reduces the audible distance of the shots but also lends the weapon an edge in accuracy, especially when comparing it to other pistols in its category.

One of the weapon's standout features is its damage output. Capable of taking down helmeted enemies with a single headshot during the pistol rounds, it rewards accuracy and skill. However, what truly sets the USP-S apart is its blend of manageable recoil and first-shot precision. Players who invest time in mastering its nuances will find themselves equipped with a formidable tool, adept at tilting rounds in their favor. Whether you're a seasoned player looking for nuanced gameplay or a newbie seeking a reliable sidearm, the USP-S remains a top contender in the CS:GO weapon lineup.

Key Features & Gameplay Elements

  • Versatility: The USP-S is known for its adaptability in various situations. Whether it's used during pistol rounds, eco rounds, or clutch scenarios, its versatility makes it a preferred choice for many players.
  • Damage: One of the standout features of the USP-S is its damage output, especially with well-placed headshots. The ability to eliminate helmeted opponents with a single shot to the head during pistol rounds offers a distinct advantage.
  • Recoil: The USP-S boasts a manageable recoil pattern, which can be mastered with practice. This controllable recoil allows players to achieve consistent shots, especially when aiming for rapid successive fire.
  • Accuracy: With its silenced barrel, the USP-S offers a high level of accuracy, especially when compared to other pistols in its class. Its first-shot accuracy, combined with minimal bullet spread, makes it an excellent choice for players prioritizing precision.

USP-S Basic Information

  • Team: Counter-Terrorists
  • Price: $200
  • Magazine Capacity: 12 rounds
  • Ammo Type: 9mm
  • Reserve Ammo: 24 rounds
  • Range: Medium to long range effectiveness
  • Fire Rate: Semi-automatic
  • Fire Modes: Single-shot
  • Recoil: Low to moderate
  • Kill Award: $300 in Competitive, $150 in Casual
  • Reload Time: Approximately 2.2 seconds
  • Movement Speed: 240 units/second (default speed is 250 units/second)
  • Kill Reward: Varies based on game mode (e.g., $300 in Competitive)

Damage Statistics

  • Base Damage: 35
  • Headshot: 140 (4x multiplier)
  • Chest and Arm Shots: 26.25 (75% of base damage)
  • Stomach: 43.75 (125% of base damage)
  • Leg Shots: 15.75 (45% of base damage, no armor mitigation)
  • Armor Penetration: 50.5%
  • Penetration Power: 100
  • Range Modifier: 0.91
  • Recoil Control: Low to moderate, favoring short, controlled bursts for maximum accuracy.

USP-S Usage

  • Role: Primarily utilized by Counter-Terrorists as a starting pistol, the USP-S is a preferred choice for players looking for a balance between stealth and accuracy. Given its silenced feature, it allows for more sneaky plays and picks without immediately revealing the shooter's location.
  • Economy: A cost-effective option during pistol rounds and eco rounds. Players might opt for the USP-S to save money for future rounds or when the team economy is weak. Despite its affordability, its potential damage output, especially with accurate headshots, makes it a viable choice in dire economic situations.
  • Tactic: The USP-S excels in medium to long-range engagements due to its accuracy. It is often used in positions where stealth and surprise are beneficial. Players holding angles or attempting to get early-round picks without revealing their position might favor the USP-S.
  • Shooting Techniques: Short, controlled bursts or single shots are recommended to leverage its accuracy, especially at longer distances. When in close combat, players often aim for the head to maximize damage potential. Practicing first-shot accuracy and understanding its recoil pattern are crucial for mastering the USP-S.

USP-S Pros and Cons


  • Silenced Shots: One of the most significant advantages of the USP-S is its integrated silencer. This feature reduces shot noise, making it harder for enemies to pinpoint the shooter's location immediately. Especially during the early moments of a round, a silenced shot can offer a distinct advantage by enabling sneaky picks without instantly giving away one's position.
  • High Accuracy: The USP-S is known for its impressive first-shot accuracy, particularly when compared to other pistols. This makes it an excellent choice for players holding angles, attempting long-range engagements, or going for precision headshots. Mastering the accuracy of the USP-S can tilt many engagements in the player's favor.
  • Low Recoil: The USP-S boasts a relatively low recoil, which can be easily managed with practice. This controlled recoil ensures that players can maintain shot consistency, especially during rapid successive firing, thereby increasing the chances of hitting the target.


  • Limited Ammo: With a magazine capacity of just 12 rounds and 24 in reserve, the USP-S can quickly run out of ammo, especially in intense firefights. Players need to be mindful of their shots and might find themselves in precarious situations if they exhaust their bullets too quickly.
  • Lower Damage against Armored Opponents: While the USP-S can be lethal with precise shots, its performance diminishes against armored opponents, particularly when aiming for the body. This requires players to prioritize headshots, especially during pistol rounds when opponents might buy armor.
  • No Option to Remove Silencer without Penalty: Unlike its counterpart, the M4A1-S, where some players occasionally remove the silencer for various reasons, removing the silencer from the USP-S significantly impacts its accuracy and effectiveness. This limits its adaptability in situations where the silencer might be unwanted.

USP-S Additional Features

  • Quick Equip Time: The USP-S boasts a swift equip time, allowing players to quickly switch from a primary weapon to the USP-S in situations where they run out of ammo or need a faster-firing option.
  • Sound Distinction: Even though the USP-S is silenced, its firing sound is distinct, allowing experienced players to identify its use on the battlefield. This unique sound can provide valuable information to both teammates and opponents about player positions and weapon choices.
  • Customizability: The USP-S offers a wide range of skins, allowing players to personalize the weapon's appearance. This aesthetic feature doesn't impact gameplay but adds an extra dimension of enjoyment for many players.
  • Sight Picture: The USP-S provides a clear sight picture, allowing players to maintain a better visual on their targets compared to some other pistols.
  • Environmental Impact: Shots fired with the USP-S don't produce visible bullet tracers, giving an added layer of concealment, especially in dark areas or smoke-covered spots.

USP-S Application & Usage

The USP-S, a hallmark of the Counter-Terrorist side in CS:GO, is a great choice for several gameplay scenarios. Primarily, it's a favorite during pistol rounds due to its impressive first-shot accuracy and capability to deliver lethal headshots, even against armored opponents. Its silenced nature lends itself to a more strategic style of play, where stealth, surprise, and precision converge.

Players can leverage the USP-S's quiet shots to hold unconventional angles, catching adversaries off-guard without immediately revealing their location. Furthermore, during eco rounds, when the team's economy is constrained, the USP-S remains a cost-effective yet potent weapon choice. Its balanced attributes of damage, accuracy, and stealth make it suitable for players aiming for discreet picks and those looking to conserve their economy while still posing a threat. In essence, the USP-S should be wielded when subtlety is paramount, and precise shots can tilt the round in favor of the player's team.


The USP-S, as one of the most iconic weapons in CS:GO. It boasts a wide array of skins, allowing players to customize its look to match their style or inventory theme. These skins come in various rarities, designs, and price points, ensuring that there's something for every enthusiast. From subtle designs to more extravagant ones, the skins truly enhance the aesthetic appeal of this weapon.

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