Five-SeveN Guide: An In-depth Analysis on Mastering the Pistol Rounds


Five-SeveN CS:GO Pistol – Penetrate Armor

The Five-SeveN pistol in CS:GO holds a distinct position among the game's sidearms. Originally designed as a companion weapon to the P90 in the real world, its reputation in the game has been forged through a combination of its damage output and versatility. The Five-SeveN's ability to penetrate armor sets it apart from many of its counterparts. This ensures it remains a formidable choice, even against armored players. This feature, combined with its relatively affordable in-game cost, makes it a popular pick during eco rounds or when a team's economy is stretched thin.

In terms of gameplay dynamics, the Five-SeveN offers a level of adaptability suitable for both aggressive pushes and defensive holds. Its recoil, while noticeable during sustained fire, is manageable for players acquainted with its pattern, allowing for accurate shots even under pressure. When considering its performance in pistol rounds, the accuracy of the Five-SeveN, particularly with its first shot, can be a game-changer. This enables players to land crucial headshots. This balance of power, precision, and cost-effectiveness ensures that the Five-SeveN remains a staple in the arsenals of many CS:GO players.

Key Features & Gameplay Elements

  1. Versatility: The Five-SeveN excels in a variety of combat situations, from close-quarter skirmishes to medium-range engagements. Its balance of power and control makes it suitable for different playstyles and game scenarios.
  2. Damage: With its ability to penetrate armor, the Five-SeveN boasts significant damage output, outclassing several other pistols. It can deal consistent damage, especially with headshots, even against armored foes.
  3. Recoil: The pistol's recoil is manageable, particularly for players who have taken the time to learn its pattern. While there is a notable kick during rapid firing, the predictability of the trajectory aids in compensation.
  4. Accuracy: One of its standout features, the Five-SeveN's accuracy is commendable, especially on the first shot. The limited accuracy drop-off when moving further enhances its utility, allowing players to maintain precision even during strafing or aggressive maneuvers.

Five-SeveN Basic Information

Basic Information about the Five-SeveN in CS:GO:

  • Team: Counter-Terrorists
  • Price: $750
  • Magazine Capacity: 20 rounds
  • Ammo Type: 5.7x28mm SS190
  • Reserve Ammo: 100 rounds
  • Range: Medium
  • Fire Rate: Semi-automatic
  • Fire Modes: Semi-auto
  • Recoil: Moderate (upward trajectory with slight horizontal variance)
  • Kill Award: $300 (Competitive Mode) / $150 (Casual Mode)
  • Reload Time: Approximately 2.2 seconds
  • Movement Speed: 240 units/second (standard for pistols)
  • Kill Reward: Varies by game mode, typically $300 in Competitive Mode.

Damage Statistics

  • Base Damage: 32
  • Headshot:
    • Without Armor: ~128 (4x multiplier)
    • With Armor: ~96 (3x multiplier)
  • Chest and Arm Shots: 24 (0.75x multiplier)
  • Stomach: 40 (1.25x multiplier)
  • Leg Shots: 8 (0.25x multiplier; Note: Leg shots in CS:GO don't have armor mitigation)
  • Armor Penetration: 91.15%
  • Penetration Power: 100 (how effective the bullet is at penetrating surfaces)
  • Range Modifier: 0.81 (decreases the weapon’s damage output the further the bullet travels)
  • Recoil Control: ~21% (percentage reduction from the weapon's base recoil during sustained fire)

Five-SeveN Usage

  1. Role:
    • Eco Enforcer: The Five-SeveN is often picked up during eco rounds due to its affordability and potential to take down armored opponents.
    • Secondary for Snipers: Players wielding sniper rifles like the AWP might choose the Five-SeveN as a backup for close-quarter engagements when they're caught off guard.
  2. Economy:
    • Budget Choice: Priced at $750, it offers a middle ground between the cheapest and most expensive pistols, providing a solid option when funds are limited.
    • Armor Breaker: Given its high armor penetration, it's a preferred choice for eco rounds against opponents who might be buying armor.
  3. Tactic:
    • Aggressive Push: The Five-SeveN's accuracy when moving makes it a good choice for aggressive pushes, especially during pistol rounds or eco rounds.
    • Holding Angles: Its ability to deliver precise shots means players can hold angles and pick off opponents, especially with headshots.
  4. Shooting Techniques:
    • Tapping: Best used at medium to long ranges, where players aim for precise shots, typically targeting the head.
    • Bursting: In close to medium-range engagements, players can fire 2-3 shots rapidly to increase hit probability without severely compromising accuracy.
    • Strafe Shooting: Leveraging the pistol's accuracy while moving, players shoot in between strafing (side-to-side movement) to make themselves harder targets to hit.

Five-SeveN Pros and Cons* *


  • Armor Penetration: One of the standout features of the Five-SeveN is its impressive armor penetration. Unlike some other pistols, the Five-SeveN can deal significant damage to armored opponents, making it a threat even when facing players equipped with helmets and Kevlar. This trait is especially vital during eco rounds, where the pistol can still inflict damage comparable to more expensive weapons, granting a chance to counteract a better-equipped enemy team.
  • Versatility: The Five-SeveN offers a level of adaptability that's hard to match. Whether it's an aggressive push, holding a tight angle, or retaking a bombsite, this pistol can be wielded effectively across multiple game scenarios. Its balance between damage, accuracy, and control allows it to suit a range of playstyles, from the strategic player to the aggressive entry fragger.
  • Magazine Capacity: With a 20-round magazine, the Five-SeveN boasts a higher bullet count than many other pistols. This capacity can prove invaluable in situations where players find themselves up against multiple opponents or when missing a shot can spell disaster. The additional rounds afford a player more chances to secure kills without having to reload in the midst of combat.


  • Recoil Management: While the Five-SeveN's recoil is not the most aggressive among pistols, it still requires practice and familiarity for consistent control. Players new to the weapon might find it challenging to maintain accuracy during rapid firing, especially at medium to long ranges. This aspect mandates that players invest time to understand the weapon's recoil pattern to utilize it effectively.
  • Price Point: At $750, the Five-SeveN is more expensive than some other eco-friendly options like the P250. In tight economic situations, players might opt for cheaper pistols to save funds for future rounds or to invest in grenades. This price point places it in a bracket where players need to deliberate on its value versus its utility.
  • Potential Over-reliance: Due to its versatility and effectiveness, there's a risk of players over-relying on the Five-SeveN, even when a rifle or SMG would be more appropriate. This tendency can sometimes lead to suboptimal buy decisions, where players might choose the Five-SeveN over saving for a more powerful primary weapon in subsequent rounds.

Five-SeveN Additional Features

  • Wall Penetration: The Five-SeveN possesses a modest ability to penetrate through thin surfaces, such as wooden doors or thin walls. Players can leverage this feature to tag or kill enemies hiding behind cover, especially if they have a good sense of the enemy's position.
  • Quick Draw Speed: Switching to the Five-SeveN from a primary weapon or another secondary is relatively fast, making it an efficient sidearm to draw in sudden close-quarter situations or when caught off guard.
  • Distinct Sound Profile: The Five-SeveN has a unique firing sound, distinguishable from most other weapons. Players familiar with the game can identify it and adjust their tactics accordingly. Conversely, you can sometimes gauge how experienced your opponents are by their reactions (or lack thereof) to the pistol's sound.
  • Variability in Skin Prices: While not directly affecting gameplay, the Five-SeveN's skins range widely in price on the CS:GO market. Some, like the "Case Hardened" or "Hyper Beast," can fetch a high price in mint condition or with rare patterns, while others are more accessible for players on a budget.
  • Lightweight: The Five-SeveN allows players to move at 240 units per second, which is the standard speed for most pistols and is only surpassed by the knife in terms of movement speed. This lightweight nature allows players to traverse the map swiftly, rotate faster, and reposition effectively.

Five-SeveN Application & Usage

The Five-SeveN pistol in CS:GO is a formidable choice, particularly in scenarios where players have to make the most out of a tight budget or during pistol rounds. Its most significant selling point is its remarkable armor penetration, making it a serious threat to opponents even when they're fully equipped with helmets and Kevlar vests. This ability is especially vital during eco rounds, where a team might be financially handicapped but still needs a fighting chance against a better-armored enemy.

Beyond eco rounds, the Five-SeveN is a popular secondary for AWP users, offering a swift response to close-quarters threats when a sniper rifle would be cumbersome. Its versatility extends to various playstyles, from aggressive pushes to defensive holds. Given its balanced attributes, including damage output, accuracy, and relatively large magazine size, the Five-SeveN is ideal for players looking to maintain agility on the battlefield without sacrificing firepower. In essence, the weapon is a prime pick for those moments when economy, adaptability, and a fighting chance against armored foes converge.

Five-SeveN CS:GO Skins

The Five-SeveN is not just renowned for its in-game performance, but also for the array of dazzling skins that players can equip. These skins, which are sought after by many in the CS:GO community, give the Five-SeveN a unique flair, allowing players to customize their in-game appearance. Ranging from the simplest of designs to the most intricate patterns, these skins cater to a wide spectrum of aesthetic preferences.

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