The Complete Guide to CS:GO Pistols with Handgun Stats for Every Sidearm


The Complete Guide to CS:GO Pistols with Handgun Stats for Every Sidearm

Pistols in CS:GO: A Quick Overview

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), pistols play a pivotal role in shaping the game's dynamics, particularly during pistol rounds and eco (economy-saving) rounds. Handguns are less expensive than primary weapons but, in skilled hands, can still be lethal.

Using pistols effectively requires understanding their strengths, weaknesses, and ideal scenarios. While they may lack the consistent firepower of rifles or SMGs, mastering pistols can often turn the tide of a game, especially in rounds where your team can’t afford the expensive weapons. An effective sidearm can be quite competitive.

Each pistol serves a unique purpose in the game, and mastering them can offer a significant advantage, especially during eco rounds or unexpected situations. Always consider your playstyle, team's economy, and strategy when selecting the perfect sidearm.

What CS:GO Pistols are the best?

That depends on many factors. Let’s start by going over a few pistol basics.

Starting Pistols: The Glock-18 for Terrorists and P2000/USP-S for Counter-Terrorists are default pistols. They're balanced for the initial pistol round where neither team has a significant equipment advantage. The USP-S stands out with its suppressor, offering a stealthy approach.

Eco Choices: When short on cash, players might opt for cost-effective pistols like the P250, known for its good damage and armor penetration, or the Tec-9 (T-side) and Five-SeveN (CT-side) which provide ample ammunition and decent firepower.

Surprise Elements: The CZ75-Auto, a fully automatic pistol, is ideal for close-quarter ambushes. Players often use it to surprise enemies and snatch away their primary weapons. Similarly, the Dual Berettas, with their high ammo capacity, can be a wildcard choice for aggressive plays.

Heavy Hitters: The Desert Eagle or 'Deagle', is famed for its high damage output. A well-aimed shot can eliminate opponents with a single bullet. The R8 Revolver, although less common, offers similar power but with a unique firing mechanism.

The Complete Guide to CS:GO Pistols

PistolMagazine CapacityRounds
Glock-1820 roundsSemi/Burst
P200013 roundsSemi
USP-S12 roundsSemi
Dual Berettas30 rounds (15x2)Semi
P25013 roundsSemi
Five-SeveN20 roundsSemi
Tec-918 roundsSemi
CZ75-Auto12 roundsAuto
Desert Eagle7 roundsSemi
R8 Revolver8 roundsManual

Glock-18 (Terrorists' starting pistol)

  • Magazine Capacity: 20 rounds
  • Fire Mode: Semi-auto / Burst
  • Overview: As the default pistol for the Terrorists, the Glock-18 is versatile due to its burst-fire mode. Though it lacks the stopping power of other pistols, its higher magazine capacity and firing speed can provide an advantage in close-quarter combat. Ideally used in the pistol round or as a backup weapon.

P2000 & USP-S (CTs have a choice between them as a starting pistol)

  • Magazine Capacity: P2000: 13 rounds / USP-S: 12 rounds (and is silenced)
  • Fire Mode: Semi-auto
  • Overview: The P2000 and USP-S are the default pistols for the Counter-Terrorists. The P2000 is slightly more forgiving with ammo, while the USP-S offers stealth due to its suppressor, which doesn't reveal shooter's position with a visible bullet trace. Both guns are accurate, making them ideal for long-range engagements during pistol rounds.

Dual Berettas

  • Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds (15 per gun)
  • Fire Mode: Semi-auto
  • Overview: While offering a significant amount of ammo and the potential for a high rate of fire, the Dual Berettas are often overlooked due to their reduced damage and accuracy issues. Best used in close-quarters scenarios or surprise attacks.


  • Magazine Capacity: 13 rounds
  • Fire Mode: Semi-auto
  • Overview: A popular choice for eco rounds, the P250 offers a balanced mix of accuracy and damage at an affordable price. Its stopping power can rival some of the bigger pistols, and with a well-placed shot, it can penetrate helmets.

Five-SeveN (CT Only)

  • Magazine Capacity: 20 rounds
  • Fire Mode: Semi-auto
  • Overview: Exclusive to the CT side, the Five-SeveN offers a sizable magazine and strong armor penetration. Its accuracy while moving makes it a favorite for aggressive players looking to push or retake sites.

Tec-9 (T Only)

  • Magazine Capacity: 18 rounds
  • Fire Mode: Semi-auto
  • Overview: The T-side counterpart to the Five-SeveN, the Tec-9 is known for its formidable fire rate and moving accuracy. While it has seen various nerfs and buffs over time, it remains a go-to choice for eco rounds or aggressive pushes.


  • Magazine Capacity: 12 rounds
  • Fire Mode: Fully automatic
  • Overview: The only fully automatic pistol in CS:GO, the CZ75-Auto sacrifices magazine capacity and reload speed for a rapid rate of fire. It's perfect for close-range ambushes, especially against unsuspecting players with better weapons.

Desert Eagle (Deagle)

  • Magazine Capacity: 7 rounds
  • Fire Mode: Semi-auto
  • Overview: A legendary pistol in CS:GO, the Desert Eagle is renowned for its high damage. A well-placed shot to the head can instantly kill an opponent, regardless of armor. However, mastering the Deagle requires practice due to its heavy recoil and reduced accuracy after successive shots.

R8 Revolver

  • Magazine Capacity: 8 rounds
  • Fire Mode: Revolver (two modes: slow accurate fire or quick fanning)
  • Overview: A unique addition to CS:GO, the R8 Revolver boasts immense stopping power, rivaling the Desert Eagle. Its primary fire mode requires a wind-up before firing, making timing crucial. The secondary fire mode is faster but less accurate. Due to its peculiar mechanics, it sees limited use in competitive play but can be devastating in the right hands.

Each CS:GO pistol serves a unique purpose in the game, and mastering each weapon can offer a significant advantage, especially during eco rounds or unexpected situations. Always consider your playstyle, team's economy, and strategy when selecting the perfect sidearm.

What are pistol rounds in CS:GO?

A "pistol round" refers to the first round of each half of a match. There are two pistol rounds in a standard game: one at the very beginning and one at the start of the second half, after teams switch sides.

Here are some key characteristics and aspects of CS:GO pistol rounds:

  • Limited Economy: Players start with a reduced amount of money (usually $800), which means they can't afford rifles, SMGs, or most other weapons and gear. They must decide how to allocate this limited budget, choosing between different pistols, grenades, armor, and defuse kits.
  • Strategic Importance: Winning the pistol round provides a significant advantage for the subsequent rounds. It typically means the winning team can buy better weapons in the next round, while the losing team might opt for an "eco" round (saving money) or a "force buy" (spending all available money on less than ideal gear).
  • Skill Emphasis: Without the heavy artillery, players rely heavily on raw shooting skills, tactics, and teamwork. A well-coordinated team can overcome the opposition with clever strategies and precise aim.
  • Weapon Choices: Players often upgrade from the default starting pistols (Glock-18 for Terrorists and either P2000 or USP-S for Counter-Terrorists) to other pistols like the P250 or Tec-9/Five-SeveN. Others might prioritize buying armor to absorb more bullet damage or grenades to execute specific strategies.
  • Setting the Pace: The outcome of the pistol round can set the momentum for the following rounds. A team that wins both pistol rounds in a match has a good chance of securing a significant number of total rounds, given the economic advantages they gain.

In professional and competitive play, teams often have specific strategies and tactics prepared for pistol rounds, emphasizing their importance in the overall progression of a match. For every CS:GO pistol, there are pros and cons to which handgun you use, so pick your sidearm carefully.

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