Negev Guide: Mastering the Powerhouse Light Machine Gun


Negev CS:GO Heavy – High Capacity Machine Gun

The Negev is a light machine gun in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that has earned a reputation for being both a niche choice and a force to be reckoned with. Known for its substantial magazine capacity and high rate of fire, this weapon is tailored for scenarios requiring prolonged fire to suppress enemies or control areas. While it may not be the first choice for players seeking quick mobility or precision shooting, its capability for sustained fire makes it a useful tool for teams wanting to lock down key points on the map or break through fortified positions.

However, the Negev isn't just about unloading a barrage of bullets; it comes with its own set of intricacies. The weapon's recoil can be challenging to manage, but it stabilizes after the first few rounds, allowing for a more controlled spray. Although its damage per shot isn't the highest in the game, the sheer volume of fire more than compensates, making it highly effective in close to medium-range engagements. When used strategically and skillfully, the Negev can become an asset to a team's arsenal, offering versatility that few other weapons can match.

Key Features & Gameplay Elements

  • Versatility: The Negev is designed for multiple scenarios, ranging from suppressing fire to controlling choke points. Its high rate of fire and large magazine make it adaptable in various game situations.
  • Damage: The Negev deals significant damage per shot, allowing players to eliminate opponents quickly when hitting the target accurately. Its damage output can be a game-changer in close to medium-range combat.
  • Recoil: One of the most distinguishing features of the Negev is its recoil pattern. Although initially challenging to control, the recoil stabilizes after a burst of fire, becoming increasingly manageable for sustained firing.
  • Accuracy: While not as precise as some other weapons in CS:GO, the Negev offers reasonable accuracy, especially when the recoil stabilizes. Crouching or firing in short bursts can further improve accuracy, making the Negev effective in targeted engagements.

Negev Basic Information

  • Team: Both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists can purchase the Negev.
  • Price: $1,700
  • Magazine Capacity: 150 rounds
  • Ammo Type: 7.62mm
  • Reserve Ammo: 200 rounds
  • Range: Effective up to medium range
  • Fire Rate: Approximately 800 rounds per minute
  • Fire Modes: Fully Automatic
  • Recoil: High initial recoil that stabilizes after a short burst
  • Kill Award: $300 in Competitive; $150 in Casual
  • Reload Time: Around 5.7 seconds
  • Movement Speed: 195 units per second
  • Kill Reward: Standard kill reward based on the game mode (Competitive or Casual)

Damage Statistics

  • Base Damage: 35
  • Headshot: 140 (4x base damage)
  • Chest and Arm Shots: 26 (approximately 0.75x base damage)
  • Stomach: 44 (approximately 1.25x base damage)
  • Leg Shots: 18 (approximately 0.5x base damage, no armor mitigation)
  • Armor Penetration: 66.6%
  • Penetration Power: 200
  • Range Modifier: 0.97
  • Recoil Control: 22% (initial recoil is high but becomes more controlled after the first few rounds)

Negev Usage

  • Role: The Negev is best used for area denial, suppressing fire, and controlling choke points. It is effective in both defensive and offensive roles but is especially potent when used to lock down specific areas.
  • Economy: Priced at $1,700, the Negev is relatively economical compared to other powerful weapons. However, its cost still makes it a considered buy, often seen in full-buy rounds or when a team has a significant economic advantage.
  • Tactic: The Negev is often used to break through enemy lines or to suppress opponents from advancing. It can be highly effective when coordinated with teammates, whether it's setting up crossfires, smoking off areas, or deploying other utility.
  • Shooting Techniques: Players typically use burst firing to manage the Negev's initial high recoil. Once the recoil stabilizes, continuous fire is possible and advisable. Crouching can also improve accuracy and recoil control for more effective targeting.

NEGEV Pros and Cons


  • High Magazine Capacity: One of the Negev's standout features is its enormous 150-round magazine. This allows players to lay down sustained fire without having to frequently reload, making it ideal for suppressing opponents and controlling choke points.
  • Economical: Priced at $1,700, the Negev is an economical choice for a machine gun, especially considering its capabilities. This makes it a viable option even in rounds where resources are limited, allowing teams to maintain some level of firepower.
  • Versatile: The Negev is a versatile weapon capable of fitting into various game scenarios. Whether you need to break through enemy lines, suppress advancing opponents, or control key areas on the map, the Negev can perform these roles effectively.
  • Recoil Management: Although the Negev starts off with high recoil, it stabilizes after a short burst, allowing for more controlled and targeted shooting. This unique feature enables players to adapt to different firing situations.


  • Initial High Recoil: The Negev's high initial recoil can be difficult to manage, especially for players who are not used to it. The first few shots can be erratic, potentially impacting your ability to secure quick eliminations.
  • Movement Speed: Carrying the Negev significantly reduces your movement speed to 195 units per second. This reduction can make you an easier target and limits your ability to quickly rotate or reposition.
  • Reload Time: The Negev has a long reload time of approximately 5.7 seconds. In fast-paced combat situations, this can be a significant disadvantage as it leaves you vulnerable to enemy attacks.
  • Not Ideal for Long Range: While the Negev performs admirably at close to medium range, its accuracy drops off at longer distances. This makes it less ideal for engaging enemies who are far away, limiting its versatility in certain situations.

NEGEV Additional Features

  • Wall Penetration: The Negev has decent wall penetration capabilities. This allows you to shoot through certain materials like wooden doors or thin walls to hit enemies who are hiding behind cover.
  • Sound: The Negev has a very distinctive and loud firing sound. While this can be a disadvantage by giving away your position, it can also serve as an intimidation factor. The psychological impact of hearing a Negev firing can deter enemies from making aggressive moves.
  • Spray Pattern: Unlike many other weapons in CS:GO, the Negev has a unique spray pattern that becomes more controllable after a few rounds. Understanding this spray pattern can give you a considerable advantage in firefights.
  • Ramp-up Mechanism: The Negev features a unique "ramp-up" mechanism where the rate of fire starts slower and increases over time. This makes the Negev's fire rate even more lethal the longer you hold down the trigger, rewarding players who can control the weapon for extended periods.
  • Quick Equip Time: The Negev has a fairly quick equip time, allowing you to switch to it faster than you might expect for a weapon of its size and weight. This can be beneficial in situations where you need to quickly transition from a utility item back to your weapon.
  • Armor Ignorance on Leg Shots: Unlike most other weapons in CS:GO, shots to the legs with the Negev do not get armor mitigation. This means you deal the same leg damage whether the enemy has armor or not, making it unique in this regard.

NEGEV Application & Usage

The Negev is a specialized weapon best suited for specific tactical scenarios rather than general-purpose combat. It excels in roles focused on area denial, choke point control, and suppressing fire. Given its high magazine capacity of 150 rounds and a fire rate that increases over time, the Negev can lay down a sustained barrage of bullets that can dissuade enemy pushes or force enemies out of advantageous positions. It's particularly useful in rounds where the team has a clear plan to control specific areas of the map, such as holding down a bomb site after planting or preventing enemy movement through narrow corridors.

Economically, the Negev is a viable option at $1,700, making it accessible in full-buy rounds or even as a surprise element in eco rounds, given that it retains a solid damage output. However, its effective usage requires a fair amount of coordination with team utility like smokes and flashes to mitigate its drawbacks, such as its initial high recoil and reduced player movement speed. When used strategically and in coordination with team tactics, the Negev can be a game-changing asset that can tip the scales in favor of your team.

Negev Skins

The Negev in CS:GO offers a range of skins that allow players to customize their weapon for a more personalized gameplay experience. From understated designs to elaborate artwork, these skins offer aesthetic appeal along with a chance to flaunt your style on the battlefield.

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