CS:GO Spectrum Case | Introducing a New Set of Chroma Knives and Skins


CS:GO Spectrum Case | Introducing a New Set of Chroma Knives and Skins

CS:GO Spectrum Case Brings a New Set of Chroma Knives and Skins

Launched just shy of four months after the Glove Case, the Spectrum Case came as part of the “Take a Trip to the Canals” CS:GO update on March 15, 2017. With bug and map fixes, and a few other highlights, players were looking forward to this exciting CS:GO case. And, while this case didn’t feature any gloves, the update did update glove models and textures.

The skins were a welcome addition for CS:GO gamers around the world. With a global assortment of collectors and investors, these skin cases are a valuable part of the ever-evolving community and marketplace.

Examining the Spectrum Case

The CS:GO Spectrum Case consists of another 17 community-sourced skins and new Chroma finishes for the second-generation knives. The case requires a Spectrum Case Key to open and currently sits in the rare drop pool with 27 other CS:GO cases. This means that the cases in this pool drop only about 1% of the time when Prime Status players experience their first weekly level-up.

The ultra-rare knives featured in this case are also featured in the Spectrum 2 Case, which was released in September of the same year. This gave players another chance to get these coveted knives along with another set of weapon skins.

What’s Inside the CS:GO Spectrum Case?

Despite the rare drop rate, some of the skins in this case have gone on to become the most popular in the game, even being used by professional players. One such skin is the AK-47 Bloodsport. The USP-S Neo-Noir skin is also incredibly popular. The full list of CS:GO skins includes:

  • Mil-Spec
    • PP-Bizon | Jungle Slipstream
    • SCAR-20 | Blueprint
    • Desert Eagle | Oxide Blaze
    • Five-SeveN | Capillary
    • MP7 | Akoben
    • P250 | Ripple
    • Sawed-Off | Zander
  • Restricted
    • Galil AR | Crimson Tsunami
    • M249 | Emerald Poison Dart
    • MAC-10 | Last Dive
    • UMP-45 | Scaffold
    • XM1014 | Seasons
  • Classified
    • AWP | Fever Dream
    • CZ75-Auto | Xiangliu
    • M4A1-S | Decimator
  • Covert
    • AK-47 | Bloodsport
    • USP-S | Neo-Noir

In addition to these impeccable skins, with their neon colors and intricate designs, players also have the opportunity to open a case to find second-generation knives in the illustrious Chroma finishes. These knives include the highly-favored Butterfly Knife, Shadow Daggers, Falchion Knife, Bowie Knife, and Huntsman Knife. Each knife comes in 12 different Chroma finishes for a total of 60 hard-to-get knife skins. They include:

  • Butterfly Knife | Damascus Steel
  • Butterfly Knife | Doppler Black Pearl
  • Butterfly Knife | Doppler Ruby
  • Butterfly Knife | Doppler Sapphire
  • Butterfly Knife | Doppler Phase (1-4)
  • Butterfly Knife | Marble Fade
  • Butterfly Knife | Rust Coat
  • Butterfly Knife | Tiger Tooth
  • Butterfly Knife | Ultraviolet
  • Shadow Daggers | Damascus Steel
  • Shadow Daggers | Doppler Black Pearl
  • Shadow Daggers | Doppler Ruby
  • Shadow Daggers | Doppler Sapphire
  • Shadow Daggers | Doppler Phase (1-4)
  • Shadow Daggers | Marble Fade
  • Shadow Daggers | Rust Coat
  • Shadow Daggers | Tiger Tooth
  • Shadow Daggers | Ultraviolet
  • Falchion Knife | Damascus Steel
  • Falchion Knife | Doppler Black Pearl
  • Falchion Knife | Doppler Ruby
  • Falchion Knife | Doppler Sapphire
  • Falchion Knife | Doppler Phase (1-4)
  • Falchion Knife | Marble Fade
  • Falchion Knife | Rust Coat
  • Falchion Knife | Tiger Tooth
  • Falchion Knife | Ultraviolet
  • Bowie Knife | Damascus Steel
  • Bowie Knife | Doppler Black Pearl
  • Bowie Knife | Doppler Ruby
  • Bowie Knife | Doppler Sapphire
  • Bowie Knife | Doppler Phase (1-4)
  • Bowie Knife | Marble Fade
  • Bowie Knife | Rust Coat
  • Bowie Knife | Tiger Tooth
  • Bowie Knife | Ultraviolet
  • Huntsman Knife | Damascus Steel
  • Huntsman Knife | Doppler Black Pearl
  • Huntsman Knife | Doppler Ruby
  • Huntsman Knife | Doppler Sapphire
  • Huntsman Knife | Doppler Phase (1-4)
  • Huntsman Knife | Marble Fade
  • Huntsman Knife | Rust Coat
  • Huntsman Knife | Tiger Tooth
  • Huntsman Knife | Ultraviolet

Market Demand and Rarity

With less than 26,000 listings on the Steam Community Market yet nearly a million purchase requests, it appears as though the Spectrum Case is in high demand. However, the current price to purchase the case is still under $3. While the case hasn’t yet reached the almost $10 peak price of launch day, it has steadily been climbing in value since the fall of 2020. More recently, a surge in purchases beginning in March 2023 has helped increase market value to where it is today.

When it comes to the Spectrum Case skins, it is possible for players to acquire StatTrak versions for less than $1. However, the top 10 high-priced skins range from $85 for the Factory New StatTrak M4A1-S Decimator all the way up to nearly $380 for a Factory New StatTrak AK-47 Bloodsport. If case prices continue to increase or if the case is discontinued, players may see the value of these skins increase even more.

As far as the knives are concerned, players will find the Damascus Steel Butterfly Knife at the top of the list coming in at a price of $1,800. From there, knife appearances from this collection are few and far between. That doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t valuable. The Butterfly Knife in the Ultraviolet and Rust Coat skins still commands a price of $1,200. Despite not dominating the top 200 listings, a good portion of these knives still hit the charts at over $1,000. It’s important to note that, as these knives are found in both the Spectrum and the Spectrum 2 cases, players have two different cases in the rare drop pool that they can use to get these knives and that may be why others are in higher demand.

Get Your CS:GO Spectrum Case

While the Spectrum Case is comfortably nestled in the middle of the pack as far as case price goes, it is still more expensive than 16 other cases, including the Spectrum 2 Case. This means that for knife skins, the Spectrum 2 Case might be the better investment. However, seeing as both still drop in the game, though rarely, the best opportunity for CS:GO players to get these skins without dropping any money is through their Prime Status weekly level-up. Yet, if players are after skins from the Spectrum Case itself, they may have better luck purchasing or trading for the exact skin they want.

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