CS:GO Shattered Web Case | Fresh Look for Operation Shattered Web


CS:GO Shattered Web Case | Fresh Look for Operation Shattered Web

Operation Shattered Web Kicks-Off with the Shattered Web Case

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person shooter game loved by millions. However, sometimes rolling out new operations can take a while. That’s exactly what happened after Operation Hydra came to an end on November 13, 2017. Players would have to wait a little over two years for the next operation to drop. When Operation Shattered Web was finally released on November 18, 2019, gamers around the world were ready to jump in and take control of the new content.

Operation Shattered Web brought the possibility for players to equip different agents to earn rewards. The update also brought a new battle pass format, graffiti, stickers, and of course new weapons cases. Operation Shattered Web came to an end on March 30, 2020, after its 4-month run.

Taking a Look at the Shattered Web Case

As the ninth CS:GO operation, Operation Shattered Web kicked off with the Shattered Web Case. This case would bring the CS:GO community another 17 community-created skins. In addition, players also received the opportunity to unbox a new set of knives in an impressive 13 different finishes for a total of 52 exceedingly rare items. The new knife collection included: Nomad, Paracord, Skeleton, and Survival knives.

The Shattered Web Case introduced a captivating array of designs. Featuring a unique blend of vibrant colors and post-apocalyptic aesthetics, these skins offered a distinct visual appeal that set them apart. Whether collectors are drawn to the colorful flare or the post-apocalyptic vibes, the Shattered Web Case provides an exciting opportunity to enhance gameplay with truly striking designs.

What’s Inside the Shattered Web Case?

While many of the skins inside the Shattered Web Case had a consistent post-apocalyptic feel, the skins that rose to the top in popularity were those with vibrant colors or sleek designs. Skins with more muted colors and traditional designs didn’t garner quite as much popularity as the others. Skins included in the Shattered Web Case are:

  • Mil-Spec
    • MP5-SD | Acid Wash
    • Nova | Plume
    • G3SG1 | Black Sand
    • R8 Revolver | Memento
    • Dual Berettas | Balance
    • SCAR-20 | Torn
    • M249 | Warbird
  • Restricted
    • PP-Bizon | Embargo
    • AK-47 | Rat Rod
    • AUG | Arctic Wolf
    • MP7 | Neon Ply
    • P2000 | Obsidian
  • Classified
    • Tec-9 | Decimator
    • SG 553 | Colony IV
    • SSG 08 | Bloodshot
  • Covert
    • AWP | Containment Breach
    • MAC-10 | Stalker

In addition to the incredible array of skins, the Shattered Web Case also gave players a chance to win never-before-seen CS:GO knives. Despite the large assortment of knives, players only had a very slight chance to receive one of these coveted items when opening the case. Some players estimate the chance of unboxing one of these knives a mere estimated 0.26%. That means for every 1,000 cases opened, only about 2-3 of them will drop knives. These knives include:

  • Nomad Knife | Vanilla
  • Nomad Knife | Urban Masked
  • Nomad Knife | Stained
  • Nomad Knife | Slaughter
  • Nomad Knife | Scorched
  • Nomad Knife | Safari Mesh
  • Nomad Knife | Night Stripe
  • Nomad Knife | Forest DDPAT
  • Nomad Knife | Fade
  • Nomad Knife | Crimson Web
  • Nomad Knife | Case Hardened
  • Nomad Knife | Boreal Forest
  • Nomad Knife | Blue Steel
  • Paracord Knife | Vanilla
  • Paracord Knife | Urban Masked
  • Paracord Knife | Stained
  • Paracord Knife | Slaughter
  • Paracord Knife | Scorched
  • Paracord Knife | Safari Mesh
  • Paracord Knife | Night Stripe
  • Paracord Knife | Forest DDPAT
  • Paracord Knife | Fade
  • Paracord Knife | Crimson Web
  • Paracord Knife | Case Hardened
  • Paracord Knife | Boreal Forest
  • Paracord Knife | Blue Steel
  • Skeleton Knife | Vanilla
  • Skeleton Knife | Urban Masked
  • Skeleton Knife | Stained
  • Skeleton Knife | Slaughter
  • Skeleton Knife | Scorched
  • Skeleton Knife | Safari Mesh
  • Skeleton Knife | Night Stripe
  • Skeleton Knife | Forest DDPAT
  • Skeleton Knife | Fade
  • Skeleton Knife | Crimson Web
  • Skeleton Knife | Case Hardened
  • Skeleton Knife | Boreal Forest
  • Skeleton Knife | Blue Steel
  • Survival Knife | Vanilla
  • Survival Knife | Urban Masked
  • Survival Knife | Stained
  • Survival Knife | Slaughter
  • Survival Knife | Scorched
  • Survival Knife | Safari Mesh
  • Survival Knife | Night Stripe
  • Survival Knife | Forest DDPAT
  • Survival Knife | Fade
  • Survival Knife | Crimson Web
  • Survival Knife | Case Hardened
  • Survival Knife | Boreal Forest
  • Survival Knife | Blue Steel

Market Demand and Rarity

The Shattered Web Case was discontinued at the end of the Operation. However, with nearly 7,500 cases still in circulation on the Steam Community Market, purchasing the case should only cost between $4-5. Usually, after Valve retires a case so it no longer drops in-game, the value increases. However, when it came to the rarest items in the Shattered Web Case – the knives – something else transpired. In August 2020, less than six months after the end of Operation Shattered Web, Valve released the Fracture Case. This case contained its own set of skins but also contained the same set of knives as seen in the Shattered Web Case.

Get Your CS:GO Shattered Web Case

With the Fracture Case available from the Prime drop pool, it is much easier for players to get if they’re after the extremely rare knife skins. Not only because they drop in-game, but also because they’re much less expensive compared to the Shattered Web Case. However, if players are wanting any of the other skins from the Shattered Web Case, they’ll only be able to get them through purchase or trade. For those enthusiasts, the price of the case might be worth it considering that several of the higher-tiered skins sell for over $100.

If you’d rather purchase skins than risk opening CS:GO cases, check out the games at where you can have fun while earning credits to exchange for popular CS:GO skins.

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