CS:GO Prisma Case: Brings New Versions of Horizon Knives with Chroma Finishes


CS:GO Prisma Case: Brings New Versions of Horizon Knives with Chroma Finishes

CS:GO Prisma Case Delivers Horizon Knives in Chroma Finishes

Over the years, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has provided gamers with new maps, skins, and more in CS:GO. Occasionally these cases come as part of an operation or special event and sometimes they come with other updates and fixes. Either way, players around the world are quick to welcome the case with open arms and embrace it in the community marketplace.

The Prisma Case was released on March 13, 2019, as part of a bigger patch. A long list of map fixes, changes to prices and gun mechanics, and much more accompanied the Prisma Case. The release came a mere three months after the Danger Zone case. Featuring 17 community-created designs, the case also featured the Horizon knives in bright, new, Chroma finishes. These include the Navaja Knife, Stiletto Knife, Talon Knife, and Ursus Knife. To open the Prisma Case players also need a Prisma Key.

A Closer Look at the Prisma Case

The skins featured in the Prisma Case don’t seem to have a common theme, but close to a third of them seem to be inspired by the animal kingdom or nature in general. Others take on sleek or stylish appearances with the star of the chest being The Emperor, one of the most popular M4A4 skins in the CS:GO world. Players eagerly collected the skins they felt complimented their personality and play style and continue to do so to this day.

What’s Inside the CS:GO Prisma Case?

The mix of intricate designs featured in the Prisma Case had something for every player. Add in the Horizon Knives in their shiny new Chroma finishes and this case quickly became the one to get. The Prisma Case stayed in the Prime drop pool from its release in 2019 until May 3, 2021, when it was moved into the rare drop pool. Since then, the Prisma 2 Case has joined it there, still taunting players with the possibility of pulling an exceedingly rare knife. Weapon skins found in the Prisma Case include:

  • Mil-Spec
    • FAMAS | Crypsis
    • AK-47 | Uncharted
    • MAC-10 | Whitefish
    • Galil AR | Akoben
    • MP7 | Mischief
    • P250 | Verdigris
    • P90 | Off World
  • Restricted
    • AWP | Atheris
    • Tec-9 | Bamboozle
    • Desert Eagle | Light Rail
    • MP5-SD | Gauss
    • UMP-45 | Moonrise
  • Classified
    • R8 Revolver | Skull Crusher
    • AUG | Momentum
    • XM1014 | Incinegator
  • Covert
    • Five-SeveN | Angry Mob
    • M4A4 | The Emperor

Along with the above skins, the Prisma Case was the first to add the Horizon Knives in Chroma finishes. These metallic skins come in a variety of blues, reds, yellows, and even a black-bladed version with a violet handle. Coveted by players around the world, these knives fetch a high price on the Steam Community Market. They include:

  • Navaja Knife | Ultraviolet
  • Navaja Knife | Tiger Tooth
  • Navaja Knife | Rust Coat
  • Navaja Knife | Marble Fade
  • Navaja Knife | Damascus Steel
  • Navaja Knife | Doppler Phase (1-4)
  • Navaja Knife | Doppler Sapphire
  • Navaja Knife | Doppler Ruby
  • Navaja Knife | Doppler Black Pearl
  • Talon Knife | Ultraviolet
  • Talon Knife | Tiger Tooth
  • Talon Knife | Rust Coat
  • Talon Knife | Marble Fade
  • Talon Knife | Damascus Steel
  • Talon Knife | Doppler Phase (1-4)
  • Talon Knife | Doppler Sapphire
  • Talon Knife | Doppler Ruby
  • Talon Knife | Doppler Black Pearl
  • Stiletto Knife | Ultraviolet
  • Stiletto Knife | Tiger Tooth
  • Stiletto Knife | Rust Coat
  • Stiletto Knife | Marble Fade
  • Stiletto Knife | Damascus Steel
  • Stiletto Knife | Doppler Phase (1-4)
  • Stiletto Knife | Doppler Sapphire
  • Stiletto Knife | Doppler Ruby
  • Stiletto Knife | Doppler Black Pearl
  • Ursus Knife | Ultraviolet
  • Ursus Knife | Tiger Tooth
  • Ursus Knife | Rust Coat
  • Ursus Knife | Marble Fade
  • Ursus Knife | Damascus Steel
  • Ursus Knife | Doppler Phase (1-4)
  • Ursus Knife | Doppler Sapphire
  • Ursus Knife | Doppler Ruby
  • Ursus Knife | Doppler Black Pearl

Market Demand and Rarity

Market demand for the Prisma Case itself is still rather low despite it being found only in the rare drop pool. With over 130,000 listings on the Steam Community Market, purchasing the case will cost players less than $1, about the same price as the Prisma 2 Case. This price might be worth it to players set on opening cases until they get one of the gorgeous knives. However, it is still possible the case might drop in-game as well. If Valve decides to move one or both of the Prisma cases to discontinued status, then it’s possible these cases and their contents will increase in value as rarity increases.

As far as the individual weapon skins go, The Emperor (formerly named Emperor), leads the charge with the Factory New StatTrak version commanding over $500. Other versions of The Emperor, along with Momentum and Angry Mob dominate the skins in this case priced over $50. The rest of the skins are scattered in price below the $50 price point, but their low price could be due to the case still being available in-game and with plenty of listings on the market.

When it comes to the knives featured in the Prisma Case, price points are much more impressive. The Talon Knife with the Marble Fade skin is listed for more than $1,800. Several other Horizon Knife listings live above the $1,500 price point. It’s clear that the addition of the Prisma 2 Case hasn’t decreased prices for these especially rare knives.

Get Your CS:GO Prisma Case

Players seeking the elusive Horizon Knives in Chroma finishes or the incredible skin designs within the Prisma Case still have options when it comes to claiming a case of their own. This case still drops in-game as part of the rare prize pool. It’s also still quite affordable on the Steam Community Market for those having a hard time getting it to drop after their weekly level-up.

If you’d rather skip over case madness and just grab your favorite skins, Clash.GG has multiple CS:GO-themed games available where players can earn credits to trade in for the skins they want most.

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