CS:GO Gamma Case Presents the Gamma Knife Collection & Changing Glock-18 Skin


CS:GO Gamma Case Presents the Gamma Knife Collection & Changing Glock-18 Skin

Gamma Case Introduces Gamma Knives and a Transforming Glock-18 Skin

Gamers from around the world play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and enjoy its voracious economy. However, a game doesn’t get to be this popular or this extensive without regular updates to fix bugs and keep content fresh. One of the ways CS:GO keeps players interested is by evolving gameplay to meet the ever-changing needs and wants of the gaming world. Another way is by offering weapon cases that offer players collectible in-game weapon skins.

On June 15, 2016, CS:GO released one such update. In addition to the fixes, new features, and more, they gave players the new Gamma Weapon Case. If players are lucky enough to score one of these cases, then they can open it with a Gamma Case Key to find an item inside of varying rarity and value for their own collection or to sell or trade for other items.

Looking at the Gamma Case

Released less than two months after the previous Chroma 3 case, this Gamma Case is the first of two. The second, Gamma 2 Case, would follow with an August 2016 release date. For many of these cases, skin inspiration and designs come from the CS:GO community itself. In this case, there were seventeen new community-sourced weapon skins along with the possibility of scoring an exceedingly rare knife.

What’s Inside the CS:GO Gamma Case?

The skins in the Gamma case range from sleek minimalistic designs to complex details all with color schemes varying from monochromatic to neon. One skin, the Glock-18 Wasteland Rebel even undergoes significant changes depending on the skin’s float value or condition. In its Factory New Condition, graffiti covers most of the easter eggs. But with increased wear and tear, other secret phrases and symbols become more visible. Other skins in the case draw clear inspiration from sources such as Blade Runner, Mad Max, abstract art, and even other skins. The skins included in this case are:

  • Mil-Spec
    • Five-SeveN | Violent Daimyo
    • MAC-10 | Carnivore
    • Nova | Exo
    • P250 | Iron Clad
    • PP-Bizon | Harvester
    • SG 553 | Aerial
    • Tec-9 | Ice Cap
  • Restricted
    • AUG | Aristocrat
    • AWP | Phobos
    • P90 | Chopper
    • R8 Revolver | Reboot
    • Sawed-Off | Limelight
  • Classified
    • M4A4 | Desolate Space
    • P2000 | Imperial Dragon
    • SCAR-20 | Bloodsport
  • Covert
    • Glock-18 | Wasteland Rebel
    • M4A1-S | Mecha Industries

In addition to this collection of incredible skins, the Gamma Case also offers players the chance to open the case and reveal one of 56 gorgeous knife finishes. The knives available in the Gamma Case are also found in the Gamma 2 Case. This means players have two cases they could potentially draw these rare and valuable items from. The knife collection includes:

  • Bayonet | Gamma Doppler Phase (1-4)
  • Bayonet | Autotronic
  • Bayonet | Lore
  • Bayonet | Black Laminate
  • Bayonet | Freehand
  • Bayonet | Gamma Doppler Emerald
  • Bayonet | Bright Water
  • Flip Knife | Gamma Doppler Phase (1-4)
  • Flip Knife | Autotronic
  • Flip Knife | Lore
  • Flip Knife | Black Laminate
  • Flip Knife | Freehand
  • Flip Knife | Gamma Doppler Emerald
  • Flip Knife | Bright Water
  • Gut Knife | Gamma Doppler Phase (1-4)
  • Gut Knife | Autotronic
  • Gut Knife | Lore
  • Gut Knife | Black Laminate
  • Gut Knife | Freehand
  • Gut Knife | Gamma Doppler Emerald
  • Gut Knife | Bright Water
  • Karambit | Gamma Doppler Phase (1-4)
  • Karambit | Autotronic
  • Karambit | Lore
  • Karambit | Black Laminate
  • Karambit | Freehand
  • Karambit | Gamma Doppler Emerald
  • Karambit | Bright Water
  • M9 Bayonet | Gamma Doppler Phase (1-4)
  • M9 Bayonet | Autotronic
  • M9 Bayonet | Lore
  • M9 Bayonet | Black Laminate
  • M9 Bayonet | Freehand
  • M9 Bayonet | Gamma Doppler Emerald
  • M9 Bayonet | Bright Water

Market Demand and Rarity

The Gamma Case currently has fewer than 28,000 listings on the Steam Community Market. This is about 10,000 less than its counterpart, Gamma 2 Case. The decreasing number of cases combined with its rare drop rate accounts for the price of the case sitting between $2 and $3.

As for the skins themselves, the top ten listings for the case spread from a price point of $35 up to almost $200. The Gamma Case skins with the highest price tags are the StatTrak version of the M4A1-S Mecha Industries and the StatTrak M4A4 Desolate Space. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the bottom 25% of listings are less than $0.25 (with or without StatTrak).

For this selection of Gamma Case knives, the most expensive is the Bayonet with the Autotronic skin with a price tag of almost $2,000. However, many of the knives from the Gamma Cases come in at over $1,000. While the value of the knives is clear, the drop rate for these items is extraordinarily low. Paired with the rare drop rate for the case itself, opening the case to find a Gamma knife would be a treasure indeed.

Get Your CS:GO Gamma Case

While both the Gamma Case and the Gamma 2 Case are still in the rare drop pool, cases from this pool only drop about 1% of the time. With recent changes to the case drop system that limit Prime Status players to one case drop after their first level-up of the week, getting these cases may be more difficult than ever.

If players are after a specific skin, they may save money simply by trading or purchasing for the skin instead of purchasing cases to open in hopes of getting lucky. Remember, even if they do manage to get one of the Gamma cases to drop in-game, getting a knife or other rare skin has a very slim chance. Someone would have to be exceedingly lucky to find such a valuable item. Yet, the Steam Community Market listings show that getting such a coveted prize is entirely possible.

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