CS:GO Weapon Case 2 Brings Rare and Valuable Arms Deal Collection 2 Skins


CS:GO Weapon Case 2 Brings Rare and Valuable Arms Deal Collection 2 Skins

CS:GO Weapon Case 2 a Rare Chance for Exclusive Arms Deal 2 Skins

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapon skins have become a fascinating aspect of gameplay, captivating players and collectors alike. Among the coveted treasures in CS:GO is the CS:GO Weapon Case 2. The case came along in November of 2013, less than two months after the Operation Bravo Case and a little over a month prior to the release of the eSports 2013 Winter Case and the Winter Offensive Weapon Case. This was the heyday of CS:GO when random updates and skins constantly kept gamers around the world on their toes. As the years pass, these cases would come more and more infrequently dropping from six cases per year in 2013 down to two cases in 2022.

Examining the CS:GO Weapon Case 2

The CS:GO Weapon Case 2 was the second case in a series of three. Its arrival moved the original CS:GO Weapon Case out of the Prime drop pool and into the rare drop pool. Likewise, the arrival of CS:GO Weapon Case 3 in February 2014 would move Weapon Case 2 into the rare drop pool. This meant players had from November of 2013 through February of 2014 to acquire as many cases as they could to get the rare skins inside. Thankfully, all three cases require only one standard key to open them: the CS:GO Case Key.

What’s Inside the CS:GO Weapon Case 2?

This case has left its mark on the CS:GO community with a diverse range of visually stunning and rare weapon finishes. Dubbed the Arms Deal 2 Collection due to its release along with The Arms Deal 2 Update, this case gives CS:GO gamers a chance to get one of twelve weapon skins or an ultra-rare knife skin. Several of the skins found in this case seem to be themed around blood with names such as Blood Tiger, Hemoglobin, Cold Blooded, and Blood in the Water. Several of the skins by other names also feature the color red or integrate the color into the pattern to some degree.

Many of the skins in this collection have float value caps, meaning they are not available in every condition. As a result, only two of the skins from this case are available in Battle-Scarred condition. Some of the most popular skins in the case include the Case Hardened Five-SeveN and the SSG 08 Blood in the Water. The full list of skins for this collection includes:

  • Mil-Spec
    • Tec-9 | Blue Titanium
    • M4A1-S | Blood Tiger
    • FAMAS | Hexane
    • P250 | Hive
    • SCAR-20 | Crimson Web
  • Restricted
    • Five-SeveN | Case Hardened
    • MP9 | Hypnotic
    • Nova | Graphite
    • Dual Berettas | Hemoglobin
  • Classified
    • P90 | Cold Blooded
    • USP-S | Serum
  • Covert
    • SSG 08 | Blood in the Water

Inside the CS:GO Weapon Case 2, players may also discover one of the extremely rare Arms Deal knives. These special and valuable knives are featured in a total of 11 different cases, offering players numerous opportunities to claim them. Opening a case to find one of these uncommon items is like hitting the jackpot. The complete list of knives includes:

  • Gut Knife | Forest DDPAT
  • Gut Knife | Night
  • Gut Knife | Urban Masked
  • Gut Knife | Vanilla
  • Gut Knife | Blue Steel
  • Gut Knife | Boreal Forest
  • Gut Knife | Case Hardened
  • Gut Knife | Crimson Web
  • Gut Knife | Slaughter
  • Gut Knife | Stained
  • Gut Knife | Fade
  • Gut Knife | Safari Mesh
  • Gut Knife | Scorched
  • M9 Bayonet | Forest DDPAT
  • M9 Bayonet | Night
  • M9 Bayonet | Urban Masked
  • M9 Bayonet | Vanilla
  • M9 Bayonet | Blue Steel
  • M9 Bayonet | Boreal Forest
  • M9 Bayonet | Case Hardened
  • M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web
  • M9 Bayonet | Slaughter
  • M9 Bayonet | Stained
  • M9 Bayonet | Fade
  • M9 Bayonet | Safari Mesh
  • M9 Bayonet | Scorched
  • Bayonet | Forest DDPAT
  • Bayonet | Night
  • Bayonet | Urban Masked
  • Bayonet | Vanilla
  • Bayonet | Blue Steel
  • Bayonet | Boreal Forest
  • Bayonet | Case Hardened
  • Bayonet | Crimson Web
  • Bayonet | Slaughter
  • Bayonet | Stained
  • Bayonet | Fade
  • Bayonet | Safari Mesh
  • Bayonet | Scorched
  • Karambit | Forest DDPAT
  • Karambit | Night
  • Karambit | Urban Masked
  • Karambit | Vanilla
  • Karambit | Blue Steel
  • Karambit | Boreal Forest
  • Karambit | Case Hardened
  • Karambit | Crimson Web
  • Karambit | Slaughter
  • Karambit | Stained
  • Karambit | Fade
  • Karambit | Safari Mesh
  • Karambit | Scorched
  • Flip Knife | Forest DDPAT
  • Flip Knife | Night
  • Flip Knife | Urban Masked
  • Flip Knife | Vanilla
  • Flip Knife | Blue Steel
  • Flip Knife | Boreal Forest
  • Flip Knife | Case Hardened
  • Flip Knife | Crimson Web
  • Flip Knife | Slaughter
  • Flip Knife | Stained
  • Flip Knife | Fade
  • Flip Knife | Safari Mesh
  • Flip Knife | Scorched

Market Value and Rarity

To this day, the CS:GO Weapon Case 2 is still in the rare drop pool. Weekly level-ups by Prime Status players give them the opportunity to get this or any of the other cases. However, cases in the Prime drop pool drop significantly more. With the case only dropping rarely and less than 850 available cases on the Steam Community Market, even acquiring the case itself is a prize. However, players can purchase or trade to get the case if they aren’t lucky enough to see one drop in-game. The cost of the case right now is just under $13 apiece.

In the marketplace, it’s not unusual to find the knife skins from this case listed at prices around or even above the $2,000 mark. However, most of the knives seem to go for prices between $500 and $1,500. The potential of getting one of these extremely valuable drops is a big part of the driving force behind the CS:GO economy.

One skin, in particular, stands out among the rest when it comes to the CS:GO Weapon Case 2. Every listing above $200 is dominated by the StatTrak version of Blood in the Water for the SSG 08 with the Factory New version going for nearly $500. However, StatTrak versions of Cold Blooded for the P90, Serum for the USP-S, and Case Hardened for the Five-SeveN are all around the $100 price point.

Get Your CS:GO Weapon Case 2

For Prime Status players, receiving this case as a reward after their weekly level-up is a cause for celebration. However, drops from the rare drop pool are hard to come by. Those who are eager to get their hands on this case without waiting can opt to purchase or trade for it. Nevertheless, for players with a specific skin in mind, it’s important to consider the odds of finding that specific skin in the case and weigh it against the skin’s standalone price. Making an informed decision ensures a satisfying and rewarding CS:GO experience.

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