CS:GO CS20 Case Takes Gamers Around the World on a Trip to the Past


CS:GO CS20 Case Takes Gamers Around the World on a Trip to the Past

Unique CS:GO Items Found Only in the CS20 Case

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it’s not uncommon to see rare knives or gloves repeated in more than one case. However, there are some cases that feature items that players can’t get anywhere else. The CS20 Case was created to celebrate the 20<sup>th</sup> anniversary of Counter-Strike. Once again, Valve looked to the community to help design these 17 weapons skins. The rarity of this case combined with the exclusivity of the contents made for items that CS:GO players just couldn’t resist.

Examining the CS:GO CS20 Case

Released as part of the “Cache and Release” update on October 18, 2019, during the CS20 event, Valve released the CS20 Case with 17 community-designed skins created specifically for this case. All skins were inspired in some way by Counter-Strike. The case also included the Classic Knife, which, as the name suggests, was a classic in the Counter-Strike series. Players will recognize the blade as the default knife throughout the entire franchise. The addition of this ultra-rare item was exciting for fans who had waited quite some time to see it included in the game.

What’s Inside the CS:GO CS20 Case?

The CS20 Case in CSGO offers an extensive range of skins that span the spectrum from flashy to subtle, bright to dark, and detailed to bold. With such diversity, there is something to suit every player's personal taste. These are the skins included in the case:

  • Mil-Spec
    • Dual Berettas | Elite 1.6
    • Tec-9 | Flash Out
    • MAC-10 | Classic Crate
    • MAG-7 | Popdog
    • SCAR-20 | Assault
    • FAMAS | Decommissioned
    • Glock-18 | Sacrifice
  • Restricted
    • M249 | Aztec
    • MP5-SD | Agent
    • Five-SeveN | Buddy
    • P250 | Inferno
    • UMP-45 | Plastique
  • Classified
    • MP9 | Hydra
    • P90 | Nostalgia
    • AUG | Death by Puppy
  • Covert
    • AWP | Wildfire
    • FAMAS | Commemoration

In addition to these unique and rare skins, the CS20 Case also includes 13 finishes of the Classic Knife, a popular addition for fans. The Classic Knife is the 15<sup>th</sup> blade added to CS:GO. Variations include:

  • Classic Knife | Fade
  • Classic Knife | Crimson Web
  • Classic Knife | Slaughter
  • Classic Knife | Vanilla
  • Classic Knife | Stained
  • Classic Knife | Case Hardened
  • Classic Knife | Blue Steel
  • Classic Knife | Night Stripe
  • Classic Knife | Urban Masked
  • Classic Knife | Boreal Forest
  • Classic Knife | Scorched
  • Classic Knife | Forest DDPAT
  • Classic Knife | Safari Mesh

A Closer Look at the Contents

This special, commemorative case features 17 Counter-Strike-inspired designs.

  • The Assault skin for the SCAR-20 resembles a blue shipping container. The skin also features the white logo identifying the research facility from the Counter-Strike version of the Assault map.
  • Flash Out for the Tec-9 was inspired by the look of a flashbang including a symbol of a user holding two flashbangs. This popular skin was a big hit with the CS:GO community.
  • Popdog for the MAG-7 features the canine by the same name. This iconic pooch should look familiar to long-time CS players. In addition to the pup, the skin features shades of khaki and a stripe of hazard tape across the top.
  • The Classic Crate design for the MAC-10 is another blast from the past for Counter-Strike players. Representing old green crates from the Dust 2 map, this one also features the yellow hazard tape accent.
  • Elite 1.6 for the Dual Barettas is another simplistic yet classic design giving a shoutout to the Dual Elites from Counter-Strike.
  • The Decommissioned skin for the FAMAS also sports the yellow hazard tape accents and is based on the Nuke map from Counter-Strike.
  • Sacrifice for the Glock-18 is a street-art-inspired skin featuring the image of a winged Counter-Terrorist. The skin is a nod to CS:GO professional player olofmeister and the iconic CS eSports moment when the Swedish gamer secured a defuse before falling to the flames.
  • Buddy for Five-SeveN combines two different camouflage patterns. It also features a CT soldier’s head on the back part of the slide.
  • Aztec for the M249 features traditional Aztec patterns with moss greens. This skin was inspired by the Aztec map.
  • The P250’s Inferno skin also commemorates a significant moment in CS eSports history with a nod to the Inferno map complete with a spray-painted B.
  • Plastique for the UMP-45 is another explosive-inspired skin. Featuring wires, a circuit board, and even a number pad, this skin closely resembles a plastic explosive bomb.
  • The MP5-SD’s Agent skin features the blacks, blues, and yellows of the FBI along with a Counter-Terrorist logo.
  • Death by Puppy is a skin for the AUG, once again featuring Popdog graffiti, and is a pop art nod to the Death by Kitty skin from 2013. The float value on this skin caps out at 0.40 making it unavailable in Battle-Scarred condition.
  • The P90 Nostalgia skin features the loading screen image from 1.6.
  • Hydra for the MP9 is inspired by Operation Hydra and features neon greens accented with black snakes.
  • The Commemoration skin for FAMAS is a golden embossed world map with a Counter-Terrorist symbol above the magazine. This skin comes with a float cap of 0.50 and also features the names of 14 Counter-Strike maps.
  • Wildfire for the AWP is a popular skin inspired by Operation Wildfire. It features a beautifully colored fiery dragon.

Get Your CS:GO CS20 Case

While it’s still possible to get the CS20 case to drop in-game, purchasing it through the Steam Community Market for less than $1 is also an option. With several of the above skins coming in at over $100 and Classic Knife skins pricing as high as $1,300, this case is popular for collectors and investors alike. Grab those cases, have fun, and good luck!

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