Best CS2 (CSGO) cases with karambit


This guide shows the best Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) cases renowned for their chances to drop karambit skins.

Top 6 CS2 cases that drop karambit

In CS2, the karambit stands out as one of the best items for CS2 knife skins. Karambit skins are the most desired items for all CS2 players. They originate from the traditional Southeast Asian curved knife. The StatTrak ones, especially, are the most desired.

Valve, through its Steam platform, has made sure that these weapon skins are highly sought after in the world of Counter-Strike 2. They're not just popular; they're a culture within a culture. They're an appealing in-game utility that improves your gameplay experience.

1. Chroma Case

The Chroma Case in CS2 is a common case that contains many CS2 karambit knives. Here's a list of all karambit skins available from this case:

  • Karambit Marble Fade: A mesmerizing blend of colors that seems to flow across the blade, making each knife a unique piece of art.
  • Karambit Doppler: Known for its phase variations, each featuring a distinct, galaxy-inspired pattern.
  • Karambit Tiger Tooth: Boasts a fierce, golden hue with a finish that resembles the sharpness and ferocity of a tiger's tooth.
  • Karambit Damascus Steel: Features a classic, wavy pattern reminiscent of historic Damascus steel.
  • Karambit Ultraviolet: Sports a sleek, purple handle with a menacing, black blade.
  • Karambit Rust Coat: This skin embraces imperfection with a rugged, rusted appearance. It appeals to those who appreciate a battle-hardened aesthetic.

2. Chroma 2 Case

The Chroma 2 Case is the successor of the Chroma Case. Here's what the Chroma 2 Case offers:

  • Karambit Marble Fade: The flawless blend of colors makes each knife appear alive with shifting hues.
  • Karambit Doppler: Showcases an astronomical design. Each knife is a slice of the cosmos, available in several mesmerizing phases.
  • Karambit Tiger Tooth: Radiates a fierce energy with its vibrant, golden sheen, mirroring the untamed spirit of a wild tiger.
  • Karambit Damascus Steel: Reflects the artistry of ancient metalwork, featuring a distinctive pattern that speaks of refined strength and timeless elegance.
  • Karambit Ultraviolet: Stands out with its deep purple handle against a dark blade, offering a touch of enigma to its bearer.
  • Karambit Rust Coat: Embraces the beauty of imperfection, with a rusted texture that tells a story of survival and endurance.

3. Chroma 3 Case

The Chroma 3 Case is the successor of the Chroma 2 Case. Here's what the Chroma 3 Case offers:

  • Karambit Marble Fade: Captivating with its color transitions, this skin showcase a harmonious blend of hues.
  • Karambit Doppler: The Doppler is celebrated for its celestial patterns. It offers an array of phases, each presenting a stunning, space-inspired aesthetic.
  • Karambit Tiger Tooth: The Tiger Tooth exudes power and ferocity with its striking gold finish. It echoes the essence of the beast it's named after.
  • Karambit Damascus Steel: This skin pays homage to the famed craftsmanship of Damascus steel. The pattern is both ancient and awe-inspiring.
  • Karambit Ultraviolet: The Ultraviolet skin is distinguished by its purple handle and dark blade.
  • Karambit Rust Coat: The Rust Coat's rugged texture tells tales of survival and resilience.

4. Gamma Case

The Gamma Case in CS2 opens up a world of exclusive karambit knife skins. Here is the list of karambits that a Gamma Case can offer:

  • Karambit Autotronic: A sleek, futuristic design with red circuit patterns, giving it a high-tech appearance.
  • Karambit Black Laminate: Classic and understated, this skin features a sophisticated black laminate finish, offering a sleek look.
  • Karambit Lore: Inspired by legendary tales, this skin boasts a golden blade with intricate engravings, exuding nobility and valor.
  • Karambit Freehand: This skin is marked by its artistic, freehand patterns, showcasing a creative and unconfined aesthetic.
  • Karambit Bright Water: With its refreshing blue and white color scheme, it mimics the clear waters of a serene coastline.
  • Karambit Gamma Doppler: Famous for its vibrant, phase-based color spectrum, this skin is a favorite for its rarity and beauty.

5. Gamma 2 Case

The Gamma 2 Case is the successor of the Gamma Case. Here's what the Gamma 2 Case offers:

  • Karambit Autotronic: A marvel of design, featuring a red circuitry pattern that exudes a futuristic vibe, perfect for the tech-savvy player.
  • Karambit Black Laminate: Elegance in simplicity, this skin boasts a sleek, black laminate finish, offering a sophisticated edge to your collection.
  • Karambit Lore: The Lore skin presents a golden blade adorned with intricate engravings, a true symbol of valor.
  • Karambit Freehand: This skin stands out with its hand-drawn patterns, offering a personal touch that resonates with creative souls.
  • Karambit Bright Water: Reminiscent of clear, tranquil waters, its refreshing design brings a sense of calm amidst the chaos of battle.
  • Karambit Gamma Doppler: Renowned for its vibrant, shifting colors, this skin captivates with its rarity and beauty, making it a prized possession.

6. Case cases aim for specific skins or stickers so you can find your loved skin instead of opening tons of weapon case. Here is the list of some cases:

  • Scorched Earth Case: While primarily known for its Scorched Karambit, this case also hides within it the butterfly knife and nomad knife, offering a diverse loot pool.
  • Fact or Cap Case: Famous for containing the Tiger Tooth Karambit, it's a must-open for enthusiasts seeking this specific blade style.
  • Sleigh Ride Case: Not just about the Autotronic Karambit, but this festive case also surprises players with a glove, adding to the holiday cheer.
  • 10% Jeweler Case: A gem among cases, offering rarities like the Gamma Doppler, Doppler Ruby, and Doppler Sapphire Karambit, it's a dream for collectors.

How many CS2 cases should you open for a karambit?

To get a karambit, you should open approximately 158 CS2 cases, considering the drop rate of 0.63%.

Should you buy a karambit?

Yes, you should buy a karambit if you value high collectibility and want to improve your CS2 gameplay experience.

What is the cheapest karambit in CS2?

The cheapest karambit in CS2 is the Karambit Urban Masked, costing around $100.

What is the most expensive karambit in CS2?

The most expensive karambit in CS2 is the Karambit Case Hardened (Blue Gem) Factory New, costing around $1.5M.

What cases can you get a karambit Doppler from?

You can get a Karambit Doppler from the Gamma collection in CS2.

Which case has karambit Blue Gem?

The Case Hardened Blue Gem Karambit can be found in the following cases: Revolver Case, Operation Vanguard Weapon Case, Operation Phoenix Weapon Case, Winter Offensive Weapon Case, eSports 2014 Summer Case, CS:GO Weapon Case 3, eSports 2013 Winter Case, CS:GO Weapon Case 2, eSports 2013 Case, Operation Bravo Case, and CS:GO Weapon Case.

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