Are CS2 (CS:GO) cases predetermined?


Are CS2 (CS:GO) cases predetermined?

This article explains if CS2 and CS:GO cases are predetermined. The article also explains the drop rate for CS2 cases.

Are CS2 (CS:GO) cases predetermined?

No, the items found in CS2 and CS:GO cases are not predetermined.

Here’s why it wouldn’t make sense to pre-generate the skin in each case: with millions of cases in play, the data storage required would be impractical. Instead, each case is linked to a specific collection of items from which the contents are randomly selected at the moment you opt to open the case.

Once the case is opened, and the spinning animation starts, the outcome is set. If you choose to exit the opening sequence early by pressing 'X', the item you would have received is already determined, showing up in your inventory. Additionally, attempting to 're-spin' by right-clicking results in the same outcome.

Despite these community observations, Valve Corporation, the developer of Counter-Strike 2, has yet to confirm the specifics of the case-opening mechanism. This lack of confirmation keeps the community speculative about the exact mechanics, although it’s widely accepted that the probability rates for dropping rare items, such as weapon skins or stickers, are fixed.

How CS2 cases odds work

When you open a case, the game uses a random number generator to decide which of the available skins or special items you receive, based on predefined odds. This mechanism ensures every player has a fair chance of acquiring rare skins. Understanding how CS2 case odds function is important for any gamer that want to get rare in-game items.

Each weapon, knife, and glove available from a case possesses a different rarity, which directly influences its odds of appearing. Valve has been transparent about these probabilities, which are crucial for players to know before they decide to open cases. Here are the official odds for each item rarity:

  • Mil-Spec Grade (Dark Blue): 79.92% (roughly 4 in 5)
  • Restricted (Purple): 15.98% (roughly 1 in 6)
  • Classified (Pink): 3.2% (roughly 1 in 31)
  • Covert (Red): 0.64% (roughly 1 in 156)
  • Exceedingly Rare (Gold - Knives, Gloves): 0.26% (roughly 1 in 385)

These figures mean, for instance, that you have a 0.26% chance of pulling a knife from any given weapon case, averaging out to approximately one knife per 385 cases.

Is opening CS2 cases worth?

For those who relish the thrill of unboxing and the excitement of potentially getting a rare awp or knife, it's definitely worth the experience. It improves the gaming experience, providing a mix of suspense and reward.

However, it's crucial to approach this aspect of the video game with caution. Managing your budget is essential to avoid overspending. For gamers looking for alternative ways to engage in unboxing, third-party websites like offer a variety of customized cases with different odds, which might be more appealing and could offer better control over spending.

What is the drop rate for CS2 cases?

Valve has transparently outlined the drop rates for each category of skins in CS2, providing enthusiasts with a clear understanding of their chances during gameplay. Here are the odds for each skin rarity:

  • Mil-Spec Grade (Dark Blue): 79.92%. This high percentage means that nearly 4 out of every 5 cases opened will yield a Mil-Spec grade skin.
  • Restricted (Purple): 15.98%. You can expect a Restricted skin approximately once in every 6 cases.
  • Classified (Pink): 3.2%. Less common, these skins appear roughly once in every 31 cases.
  • Covert (Red): 0.64%. A Covert skin is even rarer, emerging about once in every 156 cases.
  • Exceedingly Rare (Gold - Knives, Gloves): 0.26%. These highly coveted items are the rarest, with an average appearance once in every 385 cases.

Understanding these rates helps players set realistic expectations and strategize their in-game investments in CS2 skins.

What are the odds of getting a knife in CS2?

The odds of getting a knife in CS2 are 0.26%, roughly one in every 385 cases.

What are the odds of getting a CS2 case?

The odds of getting a CS2 case are approximately 1%.

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