Shoots callouts in CS2 (CSGO)


This guide shows the callouts of the Shoots Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) map. Mastering Shoots in CS2 requires understanding callouts for effective navigation and strategy in gameplay. This applies to both attacking and defending.

Shoots callouts table

Callout name and description are listed in the following table:

Callout Description
Bridge Central structure connecting both sides of the map. Crucial for controlling player movement.
Tunnel Enclosed passageway under the bridge, commonly used for stealthy approaches or surprise attacks.
Market Open area with stalls, a hotspot for skirmishes due to its resource accessibility.
Waterfall Scenic spot near the edge of the map, often used as a sniper's nest.
Ruins Crumbled structures offering cover, but beware of multiple entry points.
Upper Trail Elevated path providing a tactical overview of the map, but exposed to sniper fire.
Lower Trail Ground-level path with dense cover, ideal for close-quarters combat.
Cave Dark, narrow area underneath the waterfall, tricky for navigation but good for ambushes.
Tower Elevated lookout point, provides a wide view but is also a vulnerable spot.
Temple Sacred area at the map's end, complex layout with multiple hiding spots.

Most famous Shoots callouts

Top 10 CS2 callouts in Shoots map:

  • Bridge: A central battlefield. Gabriele from noted, "Bridge is where most action unfolds due to its strategic importance for map control."
  • Market: Often bustling with activity. It's a focal point for resource gathering and encounters.
  • Tunnel: Known for its sneak attacks. Gabriele mentioned how crucial timing is when navigating this area.
  • Waterfall: A picturesque sniper haven. "Perfect for those long-range engagements," as Gabriele put it.
  • Ruins: This labyrinth of broken walls is a hotspot for surprise encounters and strategic cover.
  • Upper Trail: Offers a bird's-eye view, making it a preferred spot for overseeing the map.
  • Lower Trail: Dense and close-quartered, this trail is tailor-made for intense firefights.
  • Cave: A dark, constricted space ideal for ambushes. Gabriele advised caution here due to its limited visibility.
  • Tower: A high-risk, high-reward location. It's a sniper's dream but easily targeted.
  • Temple: A complex area with numerous hiding spots, often used for final stand-offs.

When was Shoots released?

The Shoots map in Counter-Strike from Valve was released in 2011.

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