Mirage callouts in CS2 (CSGO)


This guide shows the callouts of the Mirage Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) map. Mastering Mirage in CS2 requires understanding callouts for effective navigation and strategy in gameplay. This applies to both attacking and defending.

Mirage callouts table

Callout name and description are listed in the following table:

Callout Description
Mid Expansive middle area visible from Sniper's Nest and Top Mid, pivotal for map control.
B Site Bomb-planting zone on B, key tactical point for both teams.
A Site The primary bomb site for planting; adjacent areas have distinct callouts.
T Spawn Terrorist starting point, crucial for strategizing initial moves.
T Roof Elevated area near T Spawn for planning or executing A Ramp strategies.
A Ramp Main pathway to A Site from T Spawn, known for its arched entrance.
Palace Strategic building for entering A Site, often used for coordinated attacks.
Pillars Obstacles within Palace offering cover and tactical positioning.
Balcony Overlooking A Site from Palace, key for surveillance and attacks; 'Shadows' refers to the area beneath it.
Shadows Darkened area under Balcony, offering stealthy positioning.
Tetris Box formation near A Ramp, offering both cover and vantage points.
Sandwich Alcove between Stairs and Tetris, a nuanced position near A Site.
Stairs Stairway adjacent to Connector, a strategic point for A Site defense.
Firebox Concealed spot on A Site, often checked with incendiary devices.
Ninja Hidden alcove on A Site, potentially overlooked during mid-centric attacks.
CT Area near CT Spawn overlooking A Site, distinct from CT Spawn for clarity.
Ticket Booth Elevated column by CT Spawn, popular for sniping and overlooking A Site.
Trash Positioned near Ticket Booth, offers a vantage point while remaining concealed.
CT Spawn Counter-Terrorist starting area, sometimes conflated with CT.
Jungle Provides sightlines to A Site, crucial for defending or retaking the site.
Connector Tunnel linking Mid to A Site, pivotal for map control and rapid movement.
Vent Passage between CT Spawn and Mid Window, requires clearing for access.
Sniper's Nest Dominant position overlooking Mid, ideal for sniping and controlling Mid.
Ladder Room Connects B Short to Sniper's Nest, key for flanking and map control.
Underpass Passageway beneath Sniper's Nest, critical for stealthy movement between B and Mid.
Boost Mid-section ledges for accessing Sniper's Nest, offering tactical advantages.
Chair Discrete spot in Mid for ambush or surveillance.
Top Mid Farthest point in Mid from Sniper's Nest, encompassing Mid entrance and surrounding area.
Mid Boxes Protective boxes in Top Mid, commonly used for cover during Mid control.
Default Standard bomb-planting area on A Site, marked by distinctive boxes.
Triple Box Triple-stacked boxes at A Site, closer to CT, offering defensive positioning.
Catwalk Elevated path in Mid leading to B Short, critical for map movement.
B Short Main route to B Site from Mid, strategic for quick assaults or defenses.
Short Corner Right-angled corner near B Short, adjacent to a wallbang spot.
Market Adjacent area to B Site, connecting T Spawn and the bombsite, crucial for rotations.
Window Market's window overseeing B Site, starts partially obscured each round.
Door Market entrance closest to B Site, pivotal for site retakes or defenses.
Bench Situated at B Bombsite, offers a strategic position attached to a brick wall.
Van Opposite B Apartments, used for gaining access or vision into B Apps.
B Apartments Key chokepoint leading to B Site from T Spawn, often the focus of attacks.
Kitchen Area near B Apartments, featuring a wallbang spot through a wooden window.
B Plat Platform leading to B Site, an essential area for planting strategies.
Side Alley Connects Mid to T Spawn, a less frequented but strategic route.
TV Located in House/B Apartments, a less common but notable landmark.
Cart Jumpable boxes near Apartments/House ramp, once a cart, now a tactical spot.
Apps Ramp Ramp leading to B Apartments, crucial for T-side assaults or defenses.
Arches Architectural feature between B Short and B Site, offering cover and strategic positioning.
Sneaky Atop the fridge in Market, an unexpected spot for ambushes.
Empty Pillar closest to Market Door, often overlooked but strategically important.
E Box Corner spot on B Site near Market Window, offers a tactical advantage.
Boost Boxes Next to default on B, allows for elevated positioning and surprise attacks.
House Building linking Back Alley/T Apartments to T Spawn, critical for map navigation.
Back Alley Stretch between Apartments and House/TV, a less common but viable route.

Most famous Mirage callouts

Top 10 CS2 callouts in Mirage map:

  1. Mid: A crucial area offering control over the map’s center. Visibility from Sniper's Nest and Top Mid makes it a strategic focal point.
  2. A Site: The bomb-planting zone; a hive of activity. Its distinct sections each have unique callouts for precision.
  3. B Site: Another critical bomb site, known for intense encounters and tactical plays.
  4. Sniper's Nest: Overlooking Mid, this spot is key for controlling map movement and providing support.
  5. Palace: An entry point to A Site from T Spawn, often used for coordinated attacks.
  6. Connector: The link between Mid and A Site, crucial for quick rotations and controlling map flow.
  7. B Apartments: A major chokepoint leading to B Site, pivotal for attacks and defenses.
  8. Jungle: Offers strategic vision onto A Site, essential for defending or retaking.
  9. T Ramp: Main access to A Site from T Spawn, a hotspot for initial encounters.
  10. Market: Adjacent to B Site, crucial for rotations and site retakes, offering diverse tactical options.

Gabriele from shared, "In my experience, understanding these callouts is vital. For instance, controlling Mid can often dictate the game's pace. It's not just about knowing the spots; it's about how you use them strategically."

When was Mirage released?

The Mirage map in Counter-Strike from Valve was released in 2013.

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