Ancient callouts in CS2 (CSGO)


This guide shows the callouts of the Ancient Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) map. Mastering Ancient in CS2 requires understanding callouts for effective navigation and strategy in gameplay. This applies to both attacking and defending.

Ancient callouts table

Callout name and description are listed in the following table:

Callout Description
T Spawn Where the Terrorists start. Links to Tunnel and Split, a strategic point for game planning.
Tunnel A critical path from T Spawn to Water, used for B Site rushes or alternative Mid routes.
Water Sits between Tunnel and Ruins, a transitional area often contested in gameplay.
Ruins A tactical spot near Doors, offering quick Ramp access and a hiding box for anticipating CT pushes.
Doors The double entry to T Lower from Ruins, a key point for movement strategies.
Split Connects T Spawn to Elbow and Stairs, offering dual access to Mid and A Site.
Stairs This links Split to A Halls, a movement corridor critical for map navigation.
Elbow The junction between Split and Mid, commonly used for mid splits and team strategies.
A Halls Connects Stairs and A Main, a lurking spot for preventing CT pushes from A Site.
A Main Leads into Long from A Halls, a vital pathway for A Site strategies.
Long A primary A Site entrance, essential for checking Boost and site securing.
Boost A strategic CT spot near Long for elevated defense positions.
Big Box A large crate by A Site, offering cover and not to be mistaken with nearby Single.
Single Next to Plat, this crate provides cover, distinct from Big Box.
Plat A raised area beside A Site, crucial for site control and defense.
A Site The bomb plant area between CT Lane, Short, and Big Box.
Triple Box A set of three boxes at A Site's rear, offering safer planting options.
CT Lane Connects CT Spawn to A Site, a rapid CT access point.
Temple A passage from CT Spawn to A Site, key for movement and defense.
CT Spawn Counter-Terrorists start here, linking to Temple, CT Lane, Snipers Nest, and Alley.
Snipers Nest Offers a full view of Mid, ideal for CT sniping.
Top Mid Stairs and tunnel linking Mid to Snipers Nest, important for map control.
Pit Opposite Tunnels in Mid, a large hiding spot for strategic play.
Mid The central open area, crucial for Ts' access to A Site.
Tunnels Connects Mid to Short, used for A Site splits or CT support to Snipers Nest.
Short A main A Site entrance, challenging to push without Long support.
Xbox Two crates by Heaven in Mid, providing access to Heaven.
Heaven Links T Lower to Lamp Room and Mid, used for mid splits.
Lamp Room Connects Heaven to Dark, a transitional area in gameplay.
Dark A small area linking Lamp Room and House with a CT ambush spot.
T Lower Between Ramp and Heaven, the lowest point, crucial for B Site strategies.
Ramp Slope from T Lower to B Site, a primary entrance for B Site assaults.
House Links Lamp Room to B Site, a challenging entry point due to narrow access.
B Site The bomb plant area between Ramp, House, and Square.
Pillar A cover structure on B Site, vital for CT defense.
Square Between Back Halls and B Site, offering dual access routes.
Back Halls Connects Alley to Square, a movement corridor for strategic play.
Alley Links CT Spawn to Back Halls, important for map navigation.

Most famous Ancient callouts

Top 10 CS2 callouts in Ancient map:

  • Tunnel: Essential for Terrorists rushing B Site. Gabriele from noted its strategic importance for controlling the game's pace.
  • Ruins: A pivotal spot for quick movement to Ramp. Gabriele emphasized its utility for surprise maneuvers against Counter-Terrorists.
  • Split: Offers dual access to Mid and A Site.
  • A Halls: Connecting Stairs to A Main, this area is perfect for ambushes. Gabriele remarked on its effectiveness in preventing Counter-Terrorist pushes.
  • Long: A primary route for Terrorists into A Site. According to Gabriele, mastering Long is key to dominating A Site.
  • Boost: Known for CTs boosting teammates. Gabriele highlighted its defensive potential against A Site assaults.
  • CT Lane: Connects CT Spawn to A Site. Gabriele pointed out its significance for quick Counter-Terrorist rotations.
  • Mid: The map's central area, offering Terrorists access to A Side.
  • Ramp: A major entrance to B Site.
  • B Site: Where the bomb is planted on B. Gabriele underlined its challenge due to multiple entry points and defensive spots.

When was Ancient released?

The Ancient map in Counter-Strike from Valve was released in 2020.

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