Best MP9 Skins in CS:GO | Complete MP9 Skin Guide & Where to Find Them


Best MP9 Skins in CS:GO | Complete MP9 Skin Guide & Where to Find Them

Strike with Style: The Best MP9 Skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), a pillar in the world of competitive eSports, has taken first-person shooter games to a whole new level. Since its inception, CS:GO has attracted millions of gamers worldwide with its unique blend of strategy, team coordination, and of course, a vast collection of cosmetic items, specifically the coveted weapon skins. One weapon that has garnered a lot of attention for its skins is the MP9. These skins, apart from adding a personal touch, bring a whole new aesthetical dimension to the game, making the in-game experience all the more thrilling.

The MP9 is a formidable weapon in CS:GO, known for its high rate of fire and impressive handling. Compact and lightweight, it's a favored choice for players who prefer speed and agility over the heavy firepower of rifles. Often seen in the hands of players at the forefront of the action, the MP9 is a staple in close-quarters combat, excelling in situations where there's little distance between you and your opponent. The availability of a wide array of skins adds to its popularity, with designs that can suit any player's style.

The Top CS:GO MP9 Skins

When it comes to the versatile MP9, players have a wide range of stunning skin options to choose from. Each MP9 skin brings a unique visual appeal to the game, enhancing the weapon's allure in the action-packed universe of CS:GO. Whether a player prefers vibrant artwork, rare market finds, or personal symbolism, MP9 skins cater to the diverse preferences within the CS:GO community. These skins allow players to showcase their individuality and style amidst intense combat. With a selection that includes beloved classics and intricate, exclusive patterns, these skins transform this notable submachine gun into a prized possession in any player's arsenal.

Best-Selling CS:GO MP9 Skins

Here are some of the best-selling and most coveted MP9 skins that CS:GO gamers might want to add to their collection.

MP9 | Wild Lily
  • This Classified MP9 skin is from the currently inactive St. Marc Collection.
  • The design features white lilies against a contrasting background of leaves in shades of purple and pink. Factory New versions of this skin often sell for over $2,000.
MP9 | Bulldozer
  • This Restricted MP9 skin is part of the now inactive Assault Collection.
  • The design is solid yellow with a dark gray buttstock and accents. The Factory New version sells for about $530.
MP9 | Pandora’s Box
  • This Mil-Spec MP9 skin is from the inactive Gods & Monsters Collection.
  • The design features cartoon-style creatures expressing various emotions that symbolize the misfortunes held within Pandora’s Box. Some versions of this skin list for as much as $300.
MP9 | Stained Glass
  • This Restricted MP9 skin is part of the inactive Canals Collection
  • The design is a geometric pattern similar to stained glass in various shades of blues and reds. The skin pattern can create different versions with either more red or more blue, however, blue is the prominent color. Some of these skins list around $200.
MP9 | Dark Age
  • This Mil-Spec MP9 skin is from the inactive Cobblestone Collection.
  • The design features medieval designs in various shades of gray with the pattern design shifting from skin to skin. Some versions of this skin list around $120.
MP9 | Starlight Protector
  • This Covert MP9 skin is from the currently active Dreams & Nightmares Collection.
  • The design is mostly white with the star feature being a unicorn with a rainbow mane and complimentary gold stars. StatTrak Factory New versions sell for about $85.
MP9 | Hot Rod
  • This Mil-Spec MP9 skin is from the inactive Mirage Collection.
  • The design features red metallic paint and belongs to the Hot Rod series. Only available in Factory New and Minimal Wear conditions, this skin goes for around $70.

Most Popular CS:GO MP9 Skins

The MP9 skins in CS:GO go beyond merely enhancing the weapon's look - they frequently serve as a representation of the player's individuality, standing, and gameplay expertise. Some of the most sought-after MP9 skins are valued not only for their distinct appearance but also for the image they portray. These captivating designs have transformed the MP9 from a simple submachine gun into a medium through which players can exhibit their unique flair and identity.

MP9 | Featherweight
  • This Mil-Spec MP9 skin is found in the commonly dropped Revolution Case.
  • The design features a white body beneath a black perforated hexagonal shell.
MP9 | Mount Fuji
  • This Restricted MP9 skin is from the discontinued Operation Riptide Case.
  • The design features a painting of Mount Fuji at dawn in pink and blue tones. Different patterns feature the scene in different positions on the weapon.
MP9 | Food Chain
  • This Classified MP9 skin is found in the commonly dropped Snakebite Case.
  • This design features vibrant cartoonish monsters eating one another to symbolize the order of the food chain in a whimsical sense.
MP9 | Goo
  • This Restricted MP9 skin is found in the rarely dropped Spectrum 2 Case.
  • The design features a gray-blue skin covered in what appears to be a black tarlike substance.
MP9 | Ruby Poison Dart
  • This Restricted MP9 skin is found in the rarely dropped Falchion Case.
  • The design mimics the coloring of the poison dart frog in shades of black, red, orange, and purple.
MP9 | Hydra
  • This Classified MP9 skin is found inside the rarely dropped CS20 Case.
  • The design consists of a neon green background of geometric shapes featuring four black snakes.
MP9 | Bioleak
  • This Mil-Spec MP9 skin comes from the rarely dropped Chroma 3 Case.
  • The design is an abstract blend of various shades of green from neon to olive in a pattern that resembles radioactive waste.

Find Your Favorite CS:GO MP9 Skins

The MP9 is a unique and powerful weapon in CS:GO that has stood the test of time. With its wide variety of skins, it's easy to find one that suits a player's style and preferences. Players can choose between the features that matter most to them, whether it’s the design itself or rarity. Whatever they choose, these MP9 skins are a great way to feature their unique tastes.

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