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About Clash

In short:

We want to run tournaments and use advertisements and entry fees to assist financial growth in e-sports.

It is essential that we reach tens of thousands of visitors for our vision to work and it requires quite a lot of money, which we don't have, so we are taking it slow.

The VOD system has suprisingly generated some nice publicity for us. It was created primarily as a personal tool and it turned out to be a boon to many in the community.

We are not here for a "grab some money" from e-sports. We're committed to long term work and building what we hope can be a viable business.


We would love a chance to work within e-sports, but there are not many business opportunities especially because it is not a financially strong market. With our skillsets we could have chosen any business. We have chosen e-sports because we are gamers and love e-sports.

Our goal is not only to establish a business and a job within e-sports, but to also contribute to e-sports. With our success comes the ability to funnel money into a market where most businesses struggle to make a profit.

If we could build a business where we funnel funds from ad revenue and other revenue streams into tournaments - we would. Unfortunately we believe it is not viable as a business plan to rely only on ad revenue. This means we are forced to run entry fee tournaments alongside tournaments paid by Clash.gg.

When it comes to tournament systems there are many unexplored possibilities and that is our key for starting this business. We believe we can improve e-sports by creating more intelligent and helpful systems for running tournaments.


We have a few goals and beliefs that are paramount to our success:

A good reputation

We believe that there is a great need for trust between the community and new businesses. For our business model to succeed we depend on a healthy relationship with the community.

The best way for us to prove our loyalty to e-sports is to have a transparent economy where the community can see proof of how we contribute.

Injecting money into e-sports in order to further growth

We want to regularly run tournaments where Clash.gg pays for the prizes. However it is very unlikely that we can both pay our bills and pay for tournaments solely based off ads.

With a low entry fee we can host tournaments and at the same time generate enough revenue through ads to pay for additional tournaments.

Separating money intended for e-sports growth and money needed for a viable business

The money generated through entry fees will exclusively be used to fund prizes for tournaments. This means that money from community goes to the community.

It is also key that we host tournaments from our own profits to prove that we are not just about earning money. This also encourages our growth which means we all benefit from it.

The ad revenue and other revenue streams will be used to run tournaments, grow our business, pay for our expenses and salaries.

Transparent economy

One of the keys to our success is a trust between the community and Clash.gg. To help build that trust we will have a public listing of all tournament payouts.

We are fully aware that tournament payouts are often delayed or even sometimes withheld. By having a public listing of our payouts anyone can verify that we keep our promises.

To protect our business any funds from ad revenue and other revenue streams will be confidential. We believe that it will be evident that we as a business are loyal and contributing to e-sports.


Regular prize tournaments

From our revenue we will host regular prize tournaments. Our goal is to be able to do this daily for several games and timezones, but that requires a lot of funds and it is not possible for us establish a business relying on this. The expenses will be great and ad revenue at start will be low.

Entry fee tournaments

These tournaments are key to our success. A large percentage of the entry fees will be prize money for the tournament. A small percentage will be used to run future tournaments.

This increases our ad revenue without increasing our costs exponentially. As we grow we can focus more on our regular prize tournaments.

Offline Events

When we establish a viable business capable of running regular prize tournaments we would love to run offline events in co-operation with other organizers. Meeting our users face to face and enjoying offline tournaments is a dream we are working for.

Innovating e-sports

We believe we can create a unique system able to deliver solutions for both tournament organizers and for players. We are going to be at the forefront of innovation when it comes to tournament systems.

What we do is look at how tournaments are being held and try to anticipate how they will be run in the future. Based on this we try to create a system that is naturally easy to use while automating as many tasks as possible.

A few features will be behind a membership/organizer pay-wall, but putting too many features behind a pay-wall will alienate our customers. We will choose these features carefully. If ad revenue was sufficient we would not consider a pay-wall. Unfortunately that is not the case.

The people behind Clash

Torgrim Ruud

Torgrim "Fable" Ruud

Owner/Developer. 32 years old from Norway. torgrim@clash.gg

Fredrik Vold

Fredrik "Demonen" Vold

Server administrator/guru. 32 years old from Norway. fredrik@clash.gg


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